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NAME:Victor S Genuino & Gary F Ignacio
POSITION:President/CEO & Chief Data Center Officer
LOCATION:Manila, Philippines
For more than 20 years, ePLDT, the ICT subsidiary of telco giant PLDT, has been a data center leader in the Philippines. Now, President and CEO Victor S Genuino and Chief Data Center Officer Gary F Ignacio are ushering in a new era of disruptive technologies.

Modern companies use advanced digital technologies to power everything from ecommerce to data analytics and logistics. Underpinning all technological innovations are comprehensive IT infrastructures, backed by data centers that help deliver digital services and applications.

Without the effective running of these facilities, cloud computing would grind to a halt – and so would every major organization.

As the largest and pioneer data center operator in the Philippines, ePLDT is at the forefront of maintaining and managing the essential resources of local and global businesses.

In collaboration with

Cummins Power Generation

Providing innovative and critical protection power for data centers. Providing innovative and critical protection power for data centers.
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“We are building a state-of-the-art, hyperscale-grade data center facility, which will be the first true hyperscale facility in the country,” explains Victor S Genuino, President and CEO at ePLDT, the leading enabler of digital transformation in the Philippines.

A new data center is on track to launch in mid-2024, promising to provide 50 megawatts of capacity. This will boost data resilience and support the digital transformation of both the public and private sectors.

“We are a multi-cloud hybrid provider of outcome-based solutions to enterprises.” 

– Victor S Genuino

Managed cloud professional services is also a core element of ePLDT’s bespoke customer offerings. The firm prides itself on its familiarity and relationships with its customers, and its offer of a truly local partnership makes it unique in the Philippine market.

“Our proposition to the customer is very clear – we are a multi-cloud hybrid provider of outcome-based solutions to enterprises,” Genuino explains.

Next-Gen Technology

Digital transformation initiatives are commonplace in companies across the world, no matter the industry they operate within. From shifting to the cloud or embracing solutions that speed up operations, the transformation is ongoing for forward-thinking firms.

Keeping up with nascent technological innovations is vital for Gary F Ignacio, Chief Data Center Officer at ePLDT. Catering for what enterprises need, before they even know they need it, is no small task. Yet the team at ePLDT is committed to looking at the next generation of digital tools and assessing what impact they are set to have on enterprises.

“The next phase that everybody’s seeing is really on the developments in AI and machine learning,” Ignacio adds.

With new technology adding pressure on digital infrastructure, ePLDT is well-placed to enable businesses to embrace innovations without facing downtime and challenges. Many legacy organizations can find themselves held back by their outdated technology stacks, instead of using them to enhance business operations.

For Ignacio, helping companies get the right infrastructure in place and creating an environment where the dense requirements for emerging technologies are met is a daily job.

“We’ve been comparing our progress to other tier-one markets,” he says. “I think we have a good sense of how to create the appropriate road map so we can address these higher requirements as they come,” he says.

Cutting-Edge Data Centers

Data has rapidly become one of the most valuable assets organizations can hold. When businesses select a data center partner, security and trust are two of the most important factors to consider. Any security risks have the potential to cause immense damage.

Since being founded in 2000, VITRO, the data center brand under ePLDT, has gained more than 20 years of experience operating industry-grade data centers in the Philippines.

“Our unmatched industry experience is the first unique differentiation we offer. We’re quite proud of the positive service delivery reputation we have built,” Genuino says.

“Being part of the largest telco (PLDT) in the country allows our customers to leverage on the widest international submarine and local fiber capacity to connect to our VITRO Data Centers nationwide.”

– Victor S Genuino

To date, no competitor can match the data center footprint developed by ePLDT. As of 2023, VITRO operates the biggest data center network across the Philippines, with 10 being located strategically in different locations. “We make sure that there is a data center that’s ready to host the IT infrastructure of our customers,” Genuino says.

Hyper-connectivity is essential for the businesses of today, especially for international firms. Even a relatively short amount of downtime can cause major issues. Thanks to being part of the PLDT Group, VITRO can draw on super-connected data center facilities and offer lightning-fast connections to international facilities via cable landing stations and subsea cable systems.

Leadership Aims

As a leader, Genuino embraces a culture of transparency, accountability and open communication. “Nothing is hidden. There are no silos that are being built and everybody knows the role they play,” he says.

“Everyone is an individual in this organization, and they have room to grow.”

“These connections are critical, especially for those who are trying to deliver and spread content. Being part of the largest telco [PLDT] in the country allows our customers to leverage on the widest international submarine and local fiber capacity to connect to our VITRO Data Centers nationwide,” he says.

“Besides the connectivity that the PLDT Group can provide, we also leverage the connectivity that we are able to get from the other carriers to provide options to our hyperscaler and local enterprise customers.”

Strong Partners

In a globalized supplier network, where all links need to be resilient, partnerships with vendors and stakeholders are a key priority for ePLDT. Instead of working with partners on a traditional basis, where a service or product is offered through a narrow set of parameters, ePLDT focuses on building proactive relationships that benefit all parties.

“A lot of the undertakings that we do right now aren’t your typical vendor–customer relationship. Everything is done on a shared risk and shared reward basis,” Ignacio says.

“We’re able to exchange a lot of ideas and information that further enriches both sides.”

– Gary F Ignacio

Through setting out common targets, where objectives can be fulfilled better while working together, projects can be completed quickly and effectively.

The partnership built with Cummins Philippines, a global leader in power generation equipment, is an example of the power of collaborative supplier relationships.

“We’re able to exchange a lot of ideas and information that further enriches both sides,” Ignacio explains. “You really see a spirit of collaboration happening.”

For Genuino, the true value of the relationships ePLDT builds is the efforts its partners make to involve the company in new projects. Current customers have directly referred many new clients to ePLDT. “This is an illustration that our clients see us as an invaluable partner in the delivery of their customer solutions,” he says.

In an era of constant connectivity, the value provided by data centers can only be expected to grow. Thanks to the IT infrastructure investments made by ePLDT, businesses will be empowered to embrace innovative technologies and meet the customer needs of tomorrow, no matter how complex they prove to be.

“Data centers are the backbone of our rapidly evolving global digital economy and are changing the way they operate due to regulations, decarbonization goals and grid capacity. Cummins is committed to partnering with companies like ePLDT to meet these challenges.” – Nathan Howell, Sales Director – Power Generation, Cummins South Pacific, South East Asia
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