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Cummins Power Generation is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, meeting the needs of data centers to ensure a seamless experience.

Cummins Power Generation has a time-honored relationship with ePLDT, dating back more than 20 years. During this time, Cummins generator sets have been a key component in meeting the stringent data center requirements of uptime, reliability and security.

Cummins Sales & Service Philippines was established in 2001, shortly after ePLDT opened its first data center in the Philippines. The two companies have since worked together closely as ePLDT has established the largest data-center footprint in the country.

Boasting a 99.99 percent uptime service level agreement with its Vitro Certified Network of data centers requires expert attention to system architecture and unfaltering system redundancy. ePLDT relies on Cummins to help achieve this with critical protection power at its world-class facilities.

From left to right - Manolito Dagnalan- Field Service, Powergen Manager, Marietta Ross- Power Generation Leader Philippines, Sonia Cueno- Sr. Project Manager, Dennis Almario- Sr. Sales Engineer and Jerome Sayas- Field Service Technician

“Our approach is to work with ePLDT right at the front end to identify solutions for existing and upcoming ePLDT facilities,” says Marietta Ross, Power Generation Sales Leader at Cummins Sales & Service Philippines.

“We engage across ePLDT’s engineering, facilities management and procurement teams to come up with the best solution for their data center facilities. Overall, our aim is to be easy to deal with, available and highly knowledgeable about our products and services, and we have the people and structures in place to achieve that.”

Product reliability and durability is another key strength, with a number of Cummins gensets at ePLDT facilities having been in service for 20 years. Importantly, Cummins has preventative maintenance agreements in place with ePLDT, which include routine inspection and servicing of the generator system.

Strategic Partnerships

Globally, Cummins is immersed in the data center industry, having long-standing and strategic partnerships with the key players in what is one of the fastest-growing industries in the history of business.

Data center providers want consistency and a seamless process of supply, installation and commissioning followed by top-level aftersales service, and Cummins is geared up with its support structures to provide exactly that, giving customers the confidence when partnering with the company.

“Cummins’ ability to provide total systems integration, project management and delivery, engineering, technical and aftermarket service support are key strengths that enable a data center provider like ePLDT to promote its facilities as meeting best practice and rigorous global standards.” – Nathan Howell, Sales Director, Power Generation, Cummins South Pacific, South East Asia.

Cummins genset installation at ePLDT Vitro data center.

“ePLDT chose Cummins on the back of these strengths, which provide total peace of mind around reliability and dependability in its data centers.”

A data center’s massed racks of servers draw significant power and also generate a lot of heat, placing considerable demand on power supply and air-conditioning systems.

Emergency back-up power is thus essential to ensure integrity and functionality of the hosted computer environment, and Cummins’ backup diesel gensets have a proven track record in this mission-critical area.

With continuous ratings up to 3750 kVA and standby ratings up to 4375 kVA, the gensets are part of Cummins’ total power system solution for data center applications, which include automatic transfer switches, digital control technology and remote monitoring and control in the form of PowerCommand.

In fact, all major components of the Cummins genset – engine, alternator and control systems – are designed and manufactured by Cummins.

Improving Energy Efficiency

As the new age of clean and sustainable power takes shape, Cummins is committed to partnering with data centers to improve their energy efficiency. An increased focus on air quality through reduced carbon and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions is an important part of this commitment.

With its Destination Zero strategy, Cummins is improving the company’s core products today to reduce carbon while bringing to market the zero carbon technologies that will power tomorrow.

Cummins team in front of an installed genset at ePLDT.

Cummins continues to invest in further advancement of the internal combustion engine to reduce atmospheric pollutants to near-zero levels. Use of low carbon fuels such as renewable diesel – for example, hydrotreated vegetable oil – are another focus. In fact, Cummins was first to market in late 2021 with the approval of 100 percent renewable diesel use in standby generator sets used in data centers.

Technological innovation, brand reputation and credibility are core to Cummins’ history, and they ensure that the 104-year-old company is committed, more than ever, to supporting its customers with the best solutions for their needs.

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