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NAME:Konstantinos Rengis
LOCATION:Madrid, Spain
This year, pharmaceutical manufacturer FAMAR celebrates its 75th anniversary, an impressive milestone that CEO Konstantinos Rengis says has been achieved through a commitment to innovation, sustainability and continuous support for its people.

CEO Konstantinos Rengis finds his motivation in the profound impact global pharmaceutical leader FAMAR has on lives worldwide.

“Our work significantly enhances the wellbeing of individuals and communities,” Rengis tells The CEO Magazine. “Knowing that the products we produce for our clients play a vital role in improving health and quality of life propels me to elevate standards of excellence.”

Which is why, at FAMAR, innovation has always been a top priority.

“As CEO, I am committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique abilities and ideas.”

“The industry is dynamic and constantly evolving,” he says. “Embracing change and being resilient in the face of challenges is a core value for me. It’s inspiring to lead a team that not only adapts to change but thrives on it, always striving for better outcomes.”

As a customer-oriented contract development and manufacturing organization, FAMAR thrives on pushing boundaries. Its company culture revolves around inclusivity and unwavering support for employees, ensuring they can deliver their best.

“People are always encouraged to anticipate and solve the needs and problems of the client,” Rengis explains.

“Our experts think outside the box and our labs and dedicated R&D teams are there to work on forward-looking solutions for our customers. The development of knowledge through strong partnerships with academia and specialized experts in their fields is done for the service of our clients.

“They are the focus of everything we do and with them we exchange ideas and collaborate on projects and initiatives with mutual benefit.”


Developing a workplace where employees’ skills are nurtured is something Rengis says is of the utmost importance to him.

“Witnessing the dedication and talent of our team members is a great source of inspiration,” he enthuses. “As CEO, I am committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique abilities and ideas, ensuring that together we can achieve remarkable things.”

A Milestone Year

This year, FAMAR celebrates its 75th anniversary, an incredible milestone that solidifies its reputation as one of the most trusted and groundbreaking in the history of the industry.

From humble beginnings in 1949 as a small pharmaceutical company in Athens, Greece, a significant turning point occurred in the 1970s. This marked the expansion of its operations to encompass contract manufacturing services for other pharmaceutical companies.

From there, FAMAR flourished, utilizing the two decades following the 1990s to acquire plants and facilities across various European locations. And in 2020, a successful spin-off of FAMAR’s South European cluster, and the formulation of a new FAMAR Group saw the company expand its offerings even further.

Currently, FAMAR has six production centers and two research and development units for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare products in Greece, Italy and Spain, reaching roughly 80 markets worldwide.

The organization offers a wide range of services including drug development, from preclinical to clinical development and regulatory support, as well as the manufacturing of both small and large molecules in all dosage forms. It also provides packaging and distribution, facilitated through a state-of-the-art logistics center.

Strength in Numbers

Rengis is a big believer in the power of supplier relationships, especially given the innovation-focused nature of FAMAR.

“Strong and effective partnerships are essential to our success. Our suppliers are an extension of our team, and we work closely with them to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers,” Kostas says.

“Thus, we always try to work with suppliers who share our values and who are committed to providing us with high-quality products and services. A fruitful partnership is based on mutual understanding of all involved parties’ capabilities, goals and challenges.”

As a result, FAMAR has enjoyed many long-term relationships with key suppliers such as pharmaceutical ingredient distribution company M. Roumboulakis.

“We are committed to being a responsible corporate entity with an inclusive and diverse workplace.”

The year 2015 saw the beginning of FAMAR’s collaboration with sustainability ratings provider Ecovadis, a journey that has boosted the company’s dedication to being as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible.

“The company has set ambitious goals and is taking concrete steps to achieve them, such as investing in renewable energy, minimizing waste, optimizing resource usage and developing more sustainable eco-friendly processes and technologies,” Rengis explains.

But he also understands these goals will only be met by ensuring that FAMAR remains a desirable place to work.

“We are committed to being a responsible corporate entity with an inclusive and diverse workplace, with the aim of building a resilient and sustainable business that not only meets current environmental and social standards but also adapts to future challenges and opportunities,” he says.

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