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Saddle Up in Style

High performance, innovation and distinctive style combine in the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R bicycle – a collaboration between Aston Martin and titanium bicycle specialist J.Laverack.

The visually boltless design prioritizes elegance and beauty as well as comfort and performance.

“The J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R is essentially a titanium hypercar on two wheels,” said Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin.

“The simple, clever genius is how we’ve fused the engineering advancements throughout the bike with a purity of performance design to deliver a viscerally exhilarating riding experience. The result is a distinctive form, born through tradition and technology, and handcrafted using only the most advanced materials, befitting the pedigrees and forward-thinking natures of our two iconic British companies.”

An Office at Sea

In response to the rise in remote working, small ship cruise line Azamara has launched a new program for business professionals seeking to combine work with travel.

The Work & Wander program offers those wanting to work at sea access to Starlink’s high-speed internet, office equipment and dedicated IT support.

“We are excited to introduce our ‘Work & Wander’ package, giving professionals the opportunity to take their work with them as they set sail,” Azamara President Carol Cabezas said.

“Our guests already consider our ships to be a home away from home, and now our ships can be their floating office too, as we bring them to some of the most captivating destinations around the world.”

The new addition follows the launch of Extended Destination Days, which offer 10 or more hours in port, giving guests more time to balance work and Azamara’s immersive travel experiences.

Vegan Destinations

If you’re one of the growing number of people opting to give animal products a miss, then it might be worth planning your next holiday around this list. While some countries don’t make plant-based eating easy, these are the top four destinations with the most options for those with a vegan diet, listed in order of the number of vegan restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022.

Phuket, Thailand  39.7
Chiang Mai, Thailand  29
Ubud, Bali  21.5
Lisbon, Portugal  9.3

Side Piece

Can’t decide whether you’re up for the gym or an overseas jaunt? With The Duffle Bag, the latest innovation from the team at MAISON de SABRÉ, you can do both. Ultra lightweight yet super resilient, The Duffle Bag is made from the world’s first 100 percent recycled nylon, making it the ultimate all-weather companion.

The sleek, spacious design has left little to chance for travelers with options.

The expandable body looks like a classic gym bag from the outside. Internally, eight compartments mean there’s a home for everything, while a convertible trolley sleeve on the rear makes The Duffle Bag the perfect partner for your luggage.

Adaptable and enduring, The Duffle Bag is the perfect partner no matter where you’re going.

LEGO Goes Large

In exciting news for LEGO lovers, the world’s largest LEGO store has opened in Sydney, Australia.

The new store has an impressive 900-square-meter footprint, spread across two stories in a prime location at Sydney Arcade, overlooking Pitt Street Mall in the heart of the city. Its ‘Stories of Australia’ inspired design brings local architecture and culture to life with LEGO bricks.

“Every new store contributes to the LEGO Group’s global mission of inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow,” said Troy Taylor, Vice President and General Manager, LEGO Australia and New Zealand.

“With immersive features, creative play experiences and playful nods to culture, Sydney’s new store will give LEGO fans of all ages the chance to discover a wide range of LEGO products and exciting digital and physical experiences.”

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