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First Philec is the Philippines’s leader in providing electrical distribution equipment and co-created solutions, with over 250,000 installations nationwide. It is a key partner in providing solutions to the pain points of the Transmission and Distribution segment. First Philec has been the preferred brand to the country’s power utilities, commercial and industrial businesses for almost six decades.

A member of the Lopez Group, First Philec is the intermediate holding company of First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH) primarily for its manufacturing and technology-related investments. Through First Philec, FPH intends to grow its investments in manufacturing to provide a more robust backbone to the country’s economy – one that is founded on technological competitiveness and an increased ability to offer value-added products and services to the global market.

First Philec’s plant is located in First Philippine Industrial Park, Batangas. Its design and manufacturing capability is up to 667 kilo-volt-amperes for Distribution Transformers (DTs) and up to 4 megavolt-amperes for Pad-mounted Transformers (PDTs). Its facility can produce thousands of transformers and has world-class product testing capabilities, with a manufacturing and technical design pedigree that is rooted in global industry standards. With this, First Philec reinforces its position as the preferred transformer manufacturer in the country.

Regenerative and Sustainable

First Philec has been a pioneer and leader in electrical transformer solutions in the Philippines for over 50 years. However, its future goes beyond just transformers as it expands its core business, develops smart energy platforms and invests in energy storage. With all of this, First Philec is well positioned to make the pivot towards becoming a Sustainable Energy Solutions Business.

Embedded into its culture is a regenerative and sustainable way of doing business. This includes its entire supply chain, from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, delivery of products and up to the end of our product life cycle.

What We Believe In

We believe that doing good and making economic sense are not mutually exclusive to each other, and so we find opportunities in which we can reduce emissions while maintaining the lowest total owning cost.

We are proud to say that we are the largest amorphous transformer manufacturer in South-East Asia where use of one 50 kilo-volt-amperes transformer reduces carbon emissions equivalent to more than what 20 acacia trees absorb in a year.

We have been providing the market with highly energy efficient products that are not carbon-intensive, and in fact, help lessen carbon emissions from the grid.

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