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Through its unwavering commitment to driving innovation and forging partnerships across industries, Mastercard continues to build upon its global network of trust and security.

Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry that harnesses innovation to power economies and empower people. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, Mastercard’s innovations and solutions can help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential.

When customers see their favorite brands paired with the iconic circles, they know that brand is wrapped in a global network of trust and security that has stood the test of time for over 60 years.

Every year, Mastercard securely handles over 125 billion transactions across 210 countries and more than 150 different currencies, driving technological change on a global scale by designing and building the critical systems that connect billions of people to the vital products and services they need.

Mastercard as a Connector

This innovation didn’t happen in a vacuum. Mastercard believes innovation requires collaboration with its partners by leveraging the company’s unique strengths to deliver even more value and impact.

Mastercard’s partnership with Tangerine Bank is a tremendous example of this. When Tangerine set out to lead the digital-first banking space in Canada more than a decade ago, Mastercard was there to help build out their first credit card offering as an everyday bank. Tangerine is an exclusive Mastercard issuer for credit cards, providing consumers with innovative and secure ways to pay.

This decade-long partnership is about much more than just transactions; it has continued through Tangerine’s evolution as the two companies have worked together on data and insights, safety and security and payments innovation. This includes developing insights on the evolving cardholder landscape; collaboration between key members of both teams on rapid innovation and testing of new products; and outreach to Tangerine customers combined with quantitative research, to identify customer needs.

The Building Blocks of Innovation

Mastercard’s commitment to innovation has been put into practice through partnerships with more than just financial institutions. Through its Global Intelligence and Cyber Centre of Excellence in Vancouver, Mastercard brings together local, national and international tech communities to collaborate on cyber security advancements critical for protecting economies in the digital economy. Cybercriminals are launching increasingly complex attacks; cybersecurity needs to remain a step ahead.

To this end, merchants, governments, non-profits, digital partners, post-secondary institutions and fintechs have all been engaged in partnerships through The Centre to share information, do real-world testing on new products and learn new perspectives on some of the most pressing security questions of our time. This leads to greater technological advancements.

This critical work is also helping build the tech workforce of the future by supporting existing, and creating entirely new, talent pipelines. For example, Mastercard has invested US$550,000 in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute at the University of Waterloo to conduct research in cybersecurity, privacy and AI and provide graduate-level scholarships.

Another example is Mastercard’s partnership with Pow Wow Pitch, the premier pitch competition for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada. Through this partnership, Mastercard is working to break down the unique barriers and challenges Indigenous entrepreneurs face by offering mentorship opportunities and technological support.

Priceless Experience

Mastercard has also built relationships with some of the most iconic brands around the world to offer cardholders exclusive opportunities for unforgettable experiences and valuable everyday discounts. Through its partnership with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), first forged in 2008, Mastercard cardholders can unlock exclusive offers, discounts and experiences through the Mastercard Insider Benefits platform.

In October 2023, the Mastercard Lounge in Scotiabank Arena opened its doors as a first-of-its-kind shared members-only space that offers a premium viewing and dining experience for sporting games and entertainment events.

By de-emphasising from the traditional and pushing the envelope of senses, it is bringing the Mastercard brand to life through its multisensory strategy in partnership with MLSE. The Mastercard Lounge offers exclusive offers and experiences to cardholders so they’re proud to carry a Mastercard and partners are proud to collaborate.

Mastercard leverages its data and experience to deliver cyber and fraud solutions with speed, and has an enormous capacity to continue to build new partnerships that can deliver value and impact for partners and the customers they serve.

The company connects people, consumers and retailers, lenders and borrowers, governments and citizens, in a way that establishes trust. Mastercard drives technological change on a global scale, with the promise of systems that never fail for a world that never stops.

Mastercard operates in an incredibly dynamic space. With new players entering the market every day, combined with Mastercard’s already vast array of customers, the opportunities to collaborate are endless. Through its unwavering commitment to driving innovation, and forging partnerships across industries, Mastercard remains a world leader in technology and payments.

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