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IT One is SCG’s trusted partner for digital transformation.

IT One and SCG have established a longstanding business partnership for over 20 years. This allows IT One to gain insightful knowledge, understanding, and expertise in every aspect of SCG’s businesses. With integrated know-how from Accenture, a global-level technology consulting firm, and working teams with hands-on experience and industrial expertise, this has also enhanced our strategic partnership, resulting in SCG Logistics becoming a leader in the digital logistics industry.

IT One supported SCG Logistics to innovate for the best results.

With the rapid growth of the logistics industry, this has caused many companies to expedite their strategies to stay competitive. SGC Logistics’ strategic vision is to become a leader in the digital logistics industry, so it has relied on IT One to step in as its partner to the digital-enabled journey to innovate for the best results.

IT One orchestrated the integration between SCG Logistics and its vendors by providing solutions to better manage logistics systems, lower costs, and relieve burdens on the workforces that would otherwise have to manage the logistics. By doing so, this enabled staff to work on other strategic assignments. This is in support of SCG Logistics’ need to increase the visibility of logistics management across the supply chain and be able to access real-time information for better decision-making

SCG Logistics also partnered with IT One to work on efficiency initiatives through innovative cloud and automation. Improvement in the management of purchase orders for goods and services from various channels has allowed this to be performed in a more comprehensive, accurate, and speedy manner. As a result, SCG Logistics has now increased the operational efficiency of its businesses, resulting in cost and time savings, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives as well as improving data availability for more informed and effective decision-making.

IT One Innovation Lab

A trusted end-to-end solutions provider for businesses

IT One is a trusted end-to-end solutions provider for businesses. We provide our clients with digital services, leading capabilities in next-generation intelligent platforms, digital, cloud and security.

Combining unmatched experience and specialised skills across multiple industries, we build, scale and manage intelligent platforms to help our clients drive digital transformation with agility, certainty and security. We work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies today – the technologies that are underpinning the world’s accelerated digital transformation – including next-generation ERP platforms, cloud, security, automation, data and analytics. Combined with our leadership in systems integration, cloud and security managed services, customer service helpdesk, applications and infrastructure maintenance, using intelligent platforms such as SAP, Salesforce and Cloud Hyperscalers, IT One is at the heart of our client businesses, driving an immediate response to business challenges and longer-term transformation initiatives that define their future.

Over the past 20 years, IT One and SCG have established a long-term partner relationship. Therefore, our mission, in view of the partnership, is to prioritise supporting SCG to achieve a long-term sustainable result for its businesses. We focus on helping SCG optimise relevant technologies to drive efficiency in every aspect of its work processes. In addition, the IT One team has been working closely with the SCG Logistics team to share knowledge and expertise in order to achieve innovative solutions that satisfy business needs and drive SCG Logistics’ businesses to grow sustainably.

SCG Logistics team and IT One team

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