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How is Huawei contributing to Nepal’s digital transformation?

Nepal has stirred the Digital Nepal vision with policies, plans and projects by the government over recent years. As a world-leading telecom and information communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices provider, Huawei determines to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

For over 23 years, Huawei has been honored to support Nepal on building network infrastructure. With the Mission of “In Nepal, for Nepal”, Huawei is committed to providing high-quality network connectivity for over 30 million people across the country.

The company believes Nepal will be a pillar for unleashing the digital economy, and the Huawei team in Nepal are highly motivated to collaborate with all of our ecosystem partners to bring equal access to all Nepalese citizens.

Through various customized solutions and technological innovations, we’ve helped Nepal take the leap from 2G to 4G. Digital development in health, education and finance has benefited from higher-speed connectivity and improved networks in Nepal. Huawei will be continuously investing on enhancing rural universal coverage, 4G/5G connections, digital government and local ICT talent development.

In Nepal, the company hosted the prestigious Seeds for the Future program in 2022 in Nepal. Aimed at ICT students, the program develops digital talents by empowering youth in the latest and advanced technologies and promotes entrepreneurship for them.

How is Huawei collaborating with Ncell for a greater connectivity for Nepal?

Huawei has been a reliable partner and supplier for Ncell for 10 years. In their partnership, the two companies have brought 4G to many cities and remote areas in Nepal and introduced voice over long-term evolution (VoLTE) to connect people across the country.

By expanding 4G coverage in previously unconnected areas, and implementing user migration from 3G to 4G, Huawei and Ncell have brought revolutionary change to communication services in Nepal, improving the user experience and encouraging a shift toward more digital services.

Similarly, they introduced VoLTE in 2022 to enable a world-class high definition voice service, enabling further evolution of the mobile technology standard to provide better user experience.

Beyond telecommunication, Huawei has initiated a data center project with Ncell. The telco’s Tier 3 data center in Nakkhu, Kathmandu is the first of its kind in South Asia and allows Ncell to capitalize on the data center market in Nepal..

Huawei has been providing 24/7 operational and management support service to Ncell’s mobile network across the nation, which has improved the reliability of the network significantly and resulted in massive usage of mobile-based data services.

Additionally, Huawei has cooperated with Ncell to launch a telemedicine service at Dhulikhel Hospital to provide service to underserved people in remote regions in Nepal.

Huawei and Ncell have jointly set up base stations in tourist hotspots, such as Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp, which not only facilitates a smooth connectivity for all but aids the digital economy and the tourism industry.

As a leading global telecom infrastructure provider, how is Huawei working with Ncell to promote the Digital Ecosystem of Nepal?

Nepal has an empowered digital ecosystem with various ICT initiatives, from state-promoted frameworks to tangible services by companies. The goal of Huawei’s partnership with Ncell is to strengthen Nepal’s digital ecosystem with the leading modern technologies used elsewhere in the world.

The next-generation mobile network has unlocked a true broadband experience that meets people’s demands for digital life by transforming the Nepali customers’ way of life as well as their transaction habits. Today, more Nepali users are using mobile banking, digital wallets, ride-sharing apps, online shopping than ever before, which in turn contributes to startup culture, the digital revolution and the digital economy.

Huawei provides solutions and services with Huawei Cloud and enterprises in banking, travel, internet and telecom service providers. Huawei Cloud works to digitize data and keep it protected.

Similarly, Huawei organizes the industry annual event, Huawei Connect in Nepal, with key figures from the industry to discuss technologies, digital ecosystems, and what new tech and innovations are next for Nepal. With Ncell, Huawei hosts Joint Innovation Centers to discuss digital technologies and the ecosystem for Nepal.

Huawei always strive for customers’ superior user experience and will continue to contribute to Nepal’s digital transformation.

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