Already worth around US$1 trillion, the global health and wellness industry shows no signs of slowing as consumers invest deeply in their wellbeing, partly due to COVID-19.

Capitalising on these trends, Chiva-Som, Thailand’s leading wellness destination, has unveiled four new retreats in time for international travel to pick back up.

Immune Resilience: This retreat offers a multidimensional approach to wellness with mindful exercise, nutrient-rich cuisine and detoxifying treatments, as well as lessons on building and maintaining resilience for life.

Gut Health: Offering a personalised meal program that places natural ingredients, probiotics and fibre at the forefront, this retreat works to set the foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

Nature’s Embrace: This retreat draws on the restorative powers of nature to heal the body and mind, and features meditations, Thai healing therapies, outdoor fitness classes and more.

Senior Wellness: With a focus on diet, exercise and lifestyle choices that help senior guests thrive, this retreat supports longevity and healthy ageing.

Netflix’s beloved period drama and humankind’s guilty pleasure, Bridgerton – the show was watched by 82 million households, becoming the streaming giant’s biggest episodic television debut in history – is back for its second season in 2022. While Regé-Jean Page (the Duke) is sadly out, Jonathan Bailey (Lord Anthony Bridgerton) is back and ready to dominate the social season.

Joining him will be Sex Education’s Simone Ashley, starring as Kate Sharma – a “smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools – Anthony Bridgerton very much included”, Netflix says.

The Shondaland production, based on Julia Quinn’s book series, offers the perfect amount of escapism and Regency-era fun for a very indulgent night in.


Thirteen thousand live orchids set the scene for the ‘Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One’ exhibit at teamLab Planets, a Tokyo museum. Featuring nine immersive works of art that seamlessly blend technology and nature, the exhibition encourages visitors to become one with art.

As guests approach the various curtains of orchids, sensors are triggered, causing the flowers to slowly rise up, allowing guests to enter new spaces. “The garden starts to make a space for humans. But they are moving super slowly, so you have to adjust your time to the gardens,” explains teamLab Communications Director Takashi Kudo.

The exhibit’s piece de resistance is at its centermost point where guests come to a stop as floating plants slowly close in around them. Surrounded by a mirrored floor, light pouring in from the ceiling, the sweet scent of the orchids and composer Hideaki Takahashi’s soundscape, the experience has been described as almost hallucinogenic – an assault on the senses.

The installation will come to a close at the end of 2022.

In July 2021, Jetpack Aviation announced it had completed initial flight testing of its jet-powered flying motorcycle, the Speeder. The California-based company is now taking pre-orders for the aircraft, claiming deliveries will begin in 2023. It’s available in an ultralight version, which can reach speeds of up to 97 kilometers an hour (60 miles per hour) and won’t need a pilot’s licence, and the experimental category version, which can reach speeds close to 241 kilometers an hour (150 miles per hour) and will need a licence. Both need training before take-off. Expect to pay about US$380,000.

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