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The latest happenings in global innovation

The AI Effect

How AI is impacting all walks of life and why businesses need to get on board before they get left behind

Jack Thomas

Ohio Central State University President says innovation is the most important lesson of the future

In the Spotlight

It’s already on the radar for most companies, but should sustainability move to the top of the to-do list?

Austin Speck

The CEO has elevated Titan Brands to become one of the nation’s fastest growing ecommerce retailers

The Good AI

Meet the organizations using AI to positively impact all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Andrés Roccatagliata

The ENAP CEO has transformed the struggling oil company into a cultural and financial success

Cyber Safety

Senior Intelligence Analyst Kem Gay explains why cybersecurity should be a top concern for CEOs

Claudio Belocopitt

The Owner of Swiss Medical Group is taking the healthcare company to new and innovative heights

Advertorial – GE Healthcare

How the company is using technology to save lives and create the best patient experiences
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