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NAME:Rebecca Eclipse
COMPANY:Globe Telecom
POSITION:Chief Transformation Officer & Chief Experience Officer
LOCATION:Manila, Philippines
As Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Experience Officer at Globe Telecom, Rebecca Eclipse has dedicated herself to uplifting the people of the Philippines – a vision she describes as the company’s “North Star”.

Never overly career-oriented by her own admission, Rebecca Eclipse has nonetheless carved out a dynamic career working with some of the most reputable companies in the Philippines. Her last 27 years have been spent at Globe Telecom, the largest mobile network in the Philippines and one of the largest fixed-line and broadband networks, where she spends her days trying to make a difference.

Rebecca explains what motivated her early on in her career to pursue success. “Having a child provided me with the anchor that has enabled me to persevere and endure and eventually to get to where I am now,” she tells The CEO Magazine.

She started her career working as an auditor at SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co (SGV & Co), the largest multidisciplinary professional services firm in the Philippines. “This is another defining keystone blessing in my life, as SGV & Co instilled in me my basic work ethic, including striving for excellence in whatever I do and giving my best at no lower than 120 per cent, while exposing me to the best and brightest partners and also great clients that stretched me very early in my career,” she recalls.

“What truly attracted me to Globe is the Ayala ownership, which to me represented a determined participation in helping build the nation.”

Although opportunities at the firm were plentiful, Rebecca was determined to prioritise her family. “I perceived the life of a partner as requiring me to put the work first,” she says. So, she instead decided to move over to Eastern Telecom, part of the Cable & Wireless Group, as Head of Internal Audit.

“Unfortunately, with the company being sequestered, I needed to provide more security for my family and this is what I then found in Globe. I can now tell you, after almost 28 years, it is the best company to work for in the Philippines.”

Customer First

She moved to Globe in 1995 and has never looked back, rising through the ranks to her current role of Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Experience Officer. “What truly attracted me to Globe is the Ayala ownership, which to me represented a determined participation in helping build the nation,” she says.

“Ayala has been in the Philippines for almost 200 years and since then, has continued to invest and reinvest in the country, regardless of the political environment. Early in my stay in Globe, I also saw how the company, then still under Don Jaime, made helping its employees build their own asset base as one of its aspirations. There is truly so much honour behind the name.”

Improving the lives of Filipinos remains a major commitment of Globe, according to Rebecca. “We strive to bring connectivity to the under-served and with it, employment, quality education and health care, aided by financial inclusion,” she explains.

Always putting the customer first is also a top priority. “Our telco business has grown to where it is now, with over 92 million customers, because we have remained true to this conviction,” she declares. “We are definitely not perfect, but I can attest that the heart of every employee is true malasakit (care) for the customer and they will always strive to do what is right and fair.”

Having Heart

Customer experience is Globe’s true differentiator, Rebecca stresses. “Technology can be bought by anyone with money. Products can be copied. But what others cannot replicate is the heart and soul of the Globe organisation,” she says.

Its mission to uplift the lives of Filipinos became even more important during the pandemic with the company also working hard to protect the health and wellbeing of its employees. “The tenets of care, compassion and innovation are not just parts of a brand promise,” she says.

“Technology can be bought by anyone with money. Products can be copied. But what others cannot replicate is the heart and soul of the Globe organisation.”

Advocating online safety and cyber security, protecting customers against cybercrime, and ensuring that minors are protected from online sexual exploitation are also part of the plan. “We champion digital enablement and inclusion, ensuring we do not leave behind the most vulnerable and marginalised sectors,” Rebecca says.

The desire to create long-term impact also underpins the company’s sustainability principles. “We integrate sustainability and environmental, social and governance principles into the way we do business, across our operations,” she says. “We are working on managing our environmental footprint. Our ambition is to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, by reducing emissions even as we continue to expand our network footprint.”

For Globe, the company vision is its “North Star”, according to Rebecca. “We see a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish and the nation is admired,” she shares. “Moving forward, it is not about being number one anymore – we would gladly partner with anyone who can help contribute to this vision.”

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