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With its combination of Mediterranean natural beauty, ancient wonders and modern five-star hospitality, Costa Navarino is an unmissable destination. Discover the best this untouched corner of Greece has to offer.

It’s hard to find something not to love about Greece. With ancient sites, boutique hotels and plenty of sun, sea and sand to calm the mind, it’s a travel hotspot that keeps visitors coming back for more. All of Greece’s quintessential wonders are amalgamated in Messinia, a mainland destination in the south-west Peloponnese region renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty.

Costa Navarino and is located in Messinia in the south-west Peloponnese. One of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscapes in the Mediterranean, this area has been shaped by 4,500 years of history.

When you add the suite of luxury hotels and award-winning golf courses, Costa Navarino becomes a must for any discerning traveler.

Ancient Roots

Any trip to Greece would be incomplete without an immersion into its rich cultural heritage, and Messinia is no exception. The region can trace its roots back to Mycenaean Greece, a civilization existing between 1750 and 1050 BC.

Take a trip to Ancient Messini, a city with extensive remains including a large theater, an agora (marketplace), an impressive Ancient Greek stadium and the Sanctuary of Asclepius. Despite being one of the best-preserved ancient cities, Messini is relatively unspoiled by tourists, who tend to flock to the more famous Olympia.

Nearby, Voidokilia Beach is a beautiful sandy crescent with clear turquoise waters. Mythology dictates that Telemachus – the son of Odysseus, the King of Ithaca – visited here to ask the resident King Nestor for Odysseus’ whereabouts.

If nature is more for you, explore the highest mountain in the Peloponnese region, Mount Taygetos. Standing proud at 2,407 meters, the peak is surrounded by woodland of black pines and Greek firs – perfect for hiking through.

Stay in Style

It’s not an exaggeration to say that five-star opulence awaits you upon arrival to Costa Navarino. There’s a choice of four properties, each with their own unique characteristics and all luxurious in their own right.

The W Costa Navarino is the first W hotel to open in Greece, attracting a younger crowd to its choice of 246 villas, suites and rooms – some with private infinity pools. It’s ideally located on the beach, with an accompanying watersport center.

Next to W Costa Navarino is Navarino Agora, a vibrant, multicultural market where tradition meets modernity. It features handpicked retail, restaurants and street food venues, an open-air cinema and virtual reality entertainment.


This hotel is designed primarily for people over 12 years old, so it’s a great place to head if you’re looking to wind down away from young families.

Conversely, The Westin Navarino at Navarino Dunes is definitely one for families of all ages, with its water park, basketball court, bowling and karaoke. Its 445 rooms and suites have a mixture of sea and pool views, with private infinity pools for each ground-floor suite. The main pool has a swim-up bar, offering signature cocktails and light bites. But if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, there’s also a library and lounge you can escape to.

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort at Navarino Dunes, is recognized as one of the most luxurious resorts in Greece. Popular with couples and honeymooners, The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, has 321 rooms, suites and villas set among olive groves with Ionian Sea views, huge ceilings looking down on marble floors and 128 private infinity pools.

And finally, Greece’s very first Mandarin Oriental, Cosa Navarino opened its doors in Costa Navarino in 2023. You’ll find it nestled into the landscape at Navarino Bay. Its 48 earth-sheltered villas have planted roofs and are constructed exclusively from local materials, making them appear like cave dwellings. Meanwhile, the 51 suites all have beautiful bay views across the Ionian Sea and offer complete privacy.

Teeing Off

Greece hasn’t exactly been quick to embrace golf as a sport. Although it wasn’t until the early 1960s that the country’s first golf course was opened, Greece has made up for lost time and golf tourism is now booming.

Costa Navarino boasts four signature golf courses of various levels of difficulty. To date, the golf courses have won 36 awards, including scoring the coveted number one spot in Golf World Magazine’s 2022 list of the Top 100 Golf Resorts in Continental Europe.

It was the Founder and Chairman of Greece’s airline Aegean, Theodoros Vassilakis, and Costa Navarino property developer Vassilis Constantakopoulos, both golfing aficionados, who supported the idea of promoting Greece as a year-round golfing destination worthy of international standing.

The Messinia region now attracts international golf tournaments such as the Messinia Pro-Am and Olazábal & Friends Charity Pro-Am. Meanwhile, the Costa Navarino Golf Academy offers private golf lessons for juniors, families and golf camps.

For those who love Costa Navarino so much that they find themselves returning year after year, the destination offers the opportunity to invest in prime real estate. Choices range from humble two-bedroom apartments to villas that are offered off-plan with extensive customization options, with a pool and sea and golf course views.

The apartments can be used by the owner for four-to-eight weeks a year with full access to amenities. Outside of this period, owners receive an annual income by placing their apartment in the hotel’s inventory through a fully managed, mandatory 18-year rental program. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the destination while also investing in it.

With its rich history, aesthetic appeal and luxury experiences, Messinia is Greece’s hidden gem. If you haven’t visited this little-known paradise, visit now – before it’s too late.

Getting to Costa Navarino

Messinia is roughly a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Athens International Airport. However, Kalamata Airport is only 45 kilometers away from Costa Navarino, with connections from Athens a few times a week and regular international connections.

Costa Navarino also has its own helipad, making travel from both Athens and Kalamata even easier.

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