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Leading online brokerage platform Tiger Brokers has developed an industry-first AI investment assistant, TigerGPT.

The new feature aims to improve the experience of investors by offering timely market and stock analysis, enhancing investors’ learning experience and delivering in-depth analyses from various sources in seconds. It leverages the company’s vast financial content pool and OpenAI technology to provide users with easy access to investment decision-making support.

“At Tiger Brokers, our commitment is to constantly facilitate global investing by placing innovations at the center of every step we take in creating the best possible user experience, boosting our users’ overall investing literacy, and bringing more sense to smart investing,” said Wu Tianhua, Founder and CEO of Tiger Brokers.

“No more overwhelming mountains of scattered data and information, we believe our TigerGPT feature can bring users a deeply valued fresh breeze.”

The AI tool is currently in user testing, but investors can join the testing waitlist and gain access to the chatbot in the Tiger Trade App ahead of its official Australia launch.

Golden Future

New research by Tresor Gold has found that professional investors are set to boost investment in gold and gold miners as the price of the precious metal rises.

The global study found that 93 percent of participating professional investors expect exposure to direct investment to increase over the next 18 months, with nine percent predicting dramatic increases.

Reasons given by participants for this increasing allocation included the belief that the Federal Reserve is set to pause rate rises (70 percent); fears of a global recession (61 percent); and using gold as a strategy to hedge against inflation (60 percent).

Demystifying Alternative Investments

In his recent book, iPartners CEO and Co-Founder Travis Miller reveals how a few small changes to your investment strategy can lead to higher returns – without any increased risk.

Grow Your Wealth Faster With Alternative Assets: A Complete Guide to the New Universe of Investment Opportunities draws on Miller’s decades in the industry and experience disrupting it by creating a financial investment platform that makes high-yield alternative investments accessible to more investors.

In this easy-to-read, practical guide, he unpacks why alternative assets have recently increased in popularity globally, why it is time to capitalize on these new opportunities and how you can get started.

Tesla Market Domination

Tesla currently dominates the global stock market, with TSLA being the most popular stock traded in 40 percent of leading nations, according to City Index.

It also has the highest average number of monthly searches globally at approximately 3.6 million. This is a more than 1.5 million lead on second-place BP, with approximately two million monthly searches.

There are a number of possible factors contributing to the stock’s success, including its impressive growth from 2016–2022 and its highest ever output to date in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“Between its innovative mission, mercurial CEO and volatile share price, it’s not surprising to see that Tesla is the by far the most searched for stock,” said Matt Weller, City Index Global Head of Research.

Searching for Stocks

According to City Index, these are the 10 most-searched-for stocks worldwide.

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