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Shine a Light • 8-MIN READ

Kaleidoscope companies that embrace diversity are reaping the benefits as never before

Mazhar Beig

The President and CEO says community building is key to Utkal Alumina International’s success

Diversity vs inclusivity • 5-MIN READ

Caroline Blight explores what it takes to create a truly inclusive workplace

Rahul Gautam

Mattress giant Sheela Foam is all set to launch its most exciting project, says the Chair and MD

Vaibhav Maloo

Enso Group's MD says you have to think about the legacy you'll leave when making decisions

Engage and Enrich • 8-MIN READ

Leadership coach Jacqui Pollock explains how savvy companies are gaining an edge

Veena Kohli

The Co-Founder and CEO of Vanguard Diagnostics talks about the power of local production

Prashant Gupta

Sharda Group’s CEO says Sharda University is ranked number one in India for diversity

Brahmanandam Potru

The MD of Devi Sea Foods has carved a reputation as the leading shrimp exporter to the US

Ketan Patel

HP India’s Managing Director says partnerships have never been more mutually beneficial

Advertorial – Savex Technologies

Savex prides itself on its deep expertise in technology and a strong MSP partner network
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