Inspire News

A round-up of inspiring news from around the globe

Gisele Bündchen • 10-MIN READ

How the supermodel turned environmentalist, entrepreneur, UN spokesperson and philanthropist

Business for Good • 5-MIN READ

Paul Polman and Andrew Winston share how to make your company a net positive one

Wouter Torfs

The long-standing Schoenen Torfs CEO is planning to hand over the reins next year.

Deutsche Hospitality

The 160-hotel strong Deutsche Hospitality is reaping the rewards of focusing on what comes next

Time For Transparency • 6-MIN READ

Why businesses would do well to provide greater transparency around environmental impact

Kinga Öhman

The Owner of Öhman Events is bringing a new way of doing events to the Nordic countries

Advertorial – Sonoco ThermoSafe

An unwavering partner to the biopharmaceutical industry in temperature-controlled packaging
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