Shrinivas Chebbi

Access to safe electricity is vital, says Himel International’s Global Head of Himel Business

Eric Yuan

Zoom's Founder and CEO explains his inspiration for the video calling platform – and why we can't live without it anymore + MORE

Fernando Bertoni

With a new focus on technology, the President and CEO is futureproofing Util Group

Cecil Bruce-Boye

The Founder and MD of CBB Software is on the cusp of revolutionising industry globally + MORE

Mirko Ostendoerfer

After falling into obscurity, under the CEO, Buffalo Boots has achieved global fame again

Markus Duesmann

Audi’s Chair and CEO is restoring the company’s position as the expert in auto technology + MORE


Celebrate post-pandemic freedom in the world’s most beautiful travel destinations

Spirit of Adventure

Aston Martin’s DBX is the luxury SUV that turns every journey into a stylish adventure + MORE
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