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Achieve unrivalled freedom with the new Bell 505, the alternative mode of travel for business’s most prestigious high-flyers.

Discovering new adventures is a new way of life. Countless vacation seekers and holiday makers around the world are choosing to spend their time differently. Times have changed with traditional modes of travel becoming less reliable due to global factors beyond the control of commercial airlines.

This is where one of the most underrated travel solutions has been stepping in to revolutionize the game. The Bell 505 isn’t just an alternative mode of travel for the highest flyers in business; its multi-faceted design stands as the complete 360 solution allowing adventure seekers to navigate freely around border limitations, lengthy stopover journeys, delayed or cancelled flights and skyrocketing airline ticket prices. It can even negate the need to step into crowded airport lounges, adding a crucial layer of personal safety for those pursuing an intimate luxury experience like no other.

With the Bell 505 having already conquered fields in tourism, flight training, law enforcement and personal business, it now takes on its most demanding role in the prestige lifestyle and adventure space, a discerning market showcasing some of the highest standards in personal flight.

Today is your chance to take a deeper look at how smart travelers are leveraging the flexibility of the Bell 505 to write their own adventures of a lifetime.

Discovering new worlds with the Bell 505

Seasoned adventure seekers have a very specific set of requisites when it comes to leisure traveling. Time efficiency, practicality, accessibility, reliability and safety all play a crucial role in delivering an adventure of a lifetime for clients. The Bell 505 excels in all of these areas with its intelligent design and engineering input derived from aircraft production experience dating back to 1935.

In the adventure realm, exclusivity is integrated into the Bell 505 equation by allowing passengers the freedom to choose where they want to go at any given time. South Africa is one of the regions where the Bell 505 has stretched its rotors by allowing adventurous locals to explore their own backyard in comfort and style.

For media personalities like Rego and Dise, the Bell 505 changed their perception of flying entirely by introducing them to the untapped thrills and freedoms that only a helicopter can achieve. Their special moment began with a Bell 505 flight as part of a thrilling weekend safari. By the end of it, the influential duo became something they never thought they’d be: tourists in their own home country.

Above the equator, the Bell 505 once again showcases how its speed and versatility can perfectly serve purveyors of the luxury lifestyle space. During this adventure, the Bell 505 departed from the Atlantis in Dubai, bypassing traffic and the lull of driving with a short and efficient 45-minute flight to the seven-star hotel of Emirates Palace.

Once on the ground, passengers made their way to an extravagant lunch by the pristine waters of the hotel. This effortless segway from the Bell 505 continued to an awaiting Lamborghini, which guests drove out to explore the desert. With dusk settling in, guests made a return drive back to Dubai where the adventure concluded in style with an evening of cocktails and breathtaking city views.

The underlying advantage of embarking on an adventure with the Bell 505? Having the entire world to explore on your own with the company you choose.

Take your luxury travel experience to bold new heights. Learn more about the Bell 505 model and if you’re ready to start your journey, get in touch with Bell’s experienced team to see how the Bell 505 can truly add value to your everyday life.

Unrivaled freedom anywhere, anytime

The Bell 505 has already accumulated a decade’s worth of flight time since its debut and this achievement only helps reinforce its reputation for reliability as well as being one of the most cost-competitive helicopters made for adventure. The Bell 505’s accolades are forged in numbers:

  • Over 70,000 global fleet flight hours to date
  • A global delivery count of over 300 examples operating across a range of missions in six continents and 55 countries
  • Maximum speed rated at 64 miles per hour with a range of 306 nautical miles

Beyond that, the Bell 505 lends itself to any form of adventure travel with its advanced flight deck, adaptable cabin design and user-friendly piloting process streamlined to drastically improve pilot workload. The model also boasts 18.5-inch-wide forward-facing seats for up to five passengers, a feature that opens up unprecedented levels of comfort and practicality in the short light single segment.

Intuitive cabin design also provides unprecedented levels of creature comforts in the helicopter segment. In the Bell 505, passengers get to experience:

  • panoramic views from every seat alongside a stadium seating layout
  • extremely low cabin noise
  • extensive head, leg and shoulder room for every passenger
  • optional air-conditioning with a third evaporator
  • extensive premium interior finishes that can be made to suit the most discerning tastes
  • quick and easy pullout seats made for maximizing luggage space

Custom built for your own unique adventure

Every Bell 505 is a meticulously crafted instrument of flight that reflects decades of engineering design and innovation. It’s no surprise then that this same attention to detail is integrated into Bell’s customization program, to ensure that every helicopter delivered perfectly reflects its owner.

The company’s latest online tool is an advanced configurator that allows anyone to customize their very own Bell 505. The option lists are endless – from the choice of base color to the livery, interior finishes to special accessories – and it doesn’t end here.

Owners who enjoy the personalization aspect can now take their Bell 505 customization to the next level through Bell’s Commercial Assembly and Delivery Centre. Located in Mirabel, Canada, the high-tech facility supports the final design and build phases for all Bell commercial aircraft globally before their entry into service. This is also where Bell’s in-house customized paint services take place to ensure superior quality finishes and unique designs to suit the customer’s most exacting vision or trademark.

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