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Wasco enjoys working with the team at Zinfra, who have similar values and attitudes, most importantly a focus on safe delivery. Both Zinfra and Wasco continue their journeys delivering infrastructure that sustains affordable traditional energy from natural gas, while looking to develop innovative ways to bring energy from traditional energy sources to its destination with a smaller footprint on our environment.

Fuel for the Future

Both companies are also developing portfolios in future fuel and renewable energy solutions. In 2023, Zinfra and Wasco completed the Malabar biomethane project, while the Western Sydney Green Hydrogen project was completed in 2022. Wasco is also delivering hydrogen production and refueling stations in Queensland, liquid hydrogen facilities in Western Australia and has recently completed installation of a pilot hydrogen production facility with a battery energy storage system (BESS) in South Australia.

A member of the Engineering and Fabrication Division of Wasco Energy Group, Wasco has been active since the mid-2000s and has delivered multiple gas compression facilities, gas well sites, over 1000 kilometers of high-density polyethylene gas and water gathering pipelines, multiple long distance cross-country steel gas pipelines and associated facilities and, more recently, BESS biomethane and hydrogen facilities.

An International Provider

Wasco Engineering and Fabrication Division provides bespoke engineering design, procurement, packaging, general fabrication, installation and commissioning as well as operation and maintenance services to meet the requirements of customers throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. Wasco will deliver pipeline and associated facilities as well as power management facilities, BESS and hydrogen plants in remote Australian locations from the Pilbara in Western Australia to far north Queensland and Northern Territory and is comfortable and capable doing the same in inner city Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Working in a close partnership with customers such as Zinfra, we bring together outstanding expertise and cutting-edge solutions to meet customer needs and operational challenges. From consultation through installation, our fully dedicated engineering resources will work with customers to optimize and consolidate designs, manufacturing plans, material procurement and scheduling to ensure project needs are met.

A Range of Offerings

Wasco Engineering and Fabrication Division also undertakes project management, detailed engineering, procurement and fabrication services for customers across the globe. Specializing in e-houses, electric sub-stations and process equipment integrated modules, Wasco Australia caters to both offshore and onshore applications in accordance with stringent international standards.

Forging a trusted relationship with our customers, Wasco truly understands its customers’ specific needs and provides a convenient single point of contact for projects on an EPC basis. Wasco strives to deliver flawless project management and thorough turnkey process solutions to ensure our products exceed all stringent safety and quality standards.

Wasco Engineering Division’s flagship fully integrated 30-hectare fabrication yard (comprising three yards: Main Yard, Y1 & Y2) is strategically located in the Free Trade Zone of Tanjung Uncang on Batam Island, Indonesia. The yard undertakes project management, detailed engineering (including front-end engineering design), procurement and fabrication services for major oil and gas companies, original OEM suppliers and also non-oil and gas sectors such as petrochemical, future fuel and renewable energy industries.

A Focus on Safety

Wasco practices internationally recognized health, safety and environment (HSE) standards at each of its operations around the world. The company is fully committed to delivering quality products and services while ensuring no harm to people, property and the environment. We take a systematic and structured approach to the management of HSE based on suitable systems. HSE is a core value and an integral part of our business culture. Wasco recognizes the adverse health effects of risk factors arising from the workplace and is committed to protecting its employees from harm and ensuring they are fit to work at all times.

Wasco acknowledges that it has an important role to play in being good stewards of our planet and safeguarding the future generation. We support a net zero future and are committed to net zero operational emissions by 2026. Throughout the organization, various initiatives are being implemented that will reduce emissions from operations. Some examples include improving energy efficiency of processes, using lower carbon fuels and adopting renewable energy sources to power facilities. In 2021, Wasco started its very own tree planting program in Malaysia in cooperation with Pahang Forestry Department to compensate for residual emissions from its business. With these plans in place, Wasco is well on the way to net zero.

Zinfra’s accomplishments over the years are commendable, and Wasco is excited to foster continued growth in the relationship between our two organizations.

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