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Tata BlueScope Steel is committed to building India’s promising future, by unlocking the potential of its people and technology and creating architectural marvels in steel.

Backed by a trusted legacy, Tata BlueScope Steel is a leading player within the color-coated steel industry. With a focus on customer-centric solutions and backed by innovation and sustainability, its team of experts uniquely embraces the opportunities and challenges of its customers and communities and always has the future of the planet in mind.

An equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope, Tata BlueScope Steel is the epitome of business integration that designs, manufactures, distributes, constructs and services a wide portfolio of coated steel building and construction solutions. The company’s offerings include cladding solutions in the form of coils, profiles, structural products and accessories. With six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located strategically across India and with over 5,000 touchpoints and sales offices, Tata BlueScope Steel offers excellence in customer experience.

Headquartered in Pune, Tata BlueScope Steel employs more than 1,000 employees. The company is committed to strengthening a more prosperous India through its corporate responsibility priorities, which are critical to healthy communities: education, environment and quality of life.

Coated Steel Business

Tata BlueScope Steel’s Coil Business offers the world’s most advanced metal and paint coating technology for beautiful, enduring and iconic steel buildings, creating signature-style architecture. Committed to the environment, this business provides best-in-class sustainable cladding material.

The company also inspires architectural freedom for creative minds.

Backed by a strong global legacy of over 50 years, Tata BlueScope Steel is the pioneer of high-performing color-coated paint technology in India.  This allows its clients to create marvels in steel, strengthened by COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel. As a result of extensive R&D, along with exceptional credentials in sustainable steel, the company’s offerings hold the distinction of being patented, underlining their uniqueness and innovation.

On Interarch Partnership

Successful long-term business partnerships are something to be celebrated and honored, and Tata BlueScope Steel has always cherished its association with its key customers over several years. Tata BlueScope Steel’s relationship with Interarch began in 1991, when both companies came together to transform India’s steel construction landscape with innovative, technologically advanced, sustainable solutions through color-coated steel products and solutions.

Sharing his views about the association, Tata BlueScope Steel MD Anoop Kumar Trivedi said, “Partnerships have played a key role in Tata BlueScope Steel’s evolution and growth, and our achievements are the results of combined efforts, where every partner has played an important role and deserves recognition.”

Tata BlueScope Steel: #ShelterForAll

#ShelterForAll is a journey that goes beyond convention and delves into the heart of what matters the most – the purpose of the business. It is a movement that redefines Tata BlueScope Steel’s resolve to go beyond selling products and solutions. The company addresses the needs of individuals, communities, livestock, assets and crops by providing value-driven solutions in the form of protective shelter (such as structures, roofs and walls) that make a difference in their lives. Be it a humble shed that offers a protective cover to the stored onions on a farmstead or a sprawling manufacturing unit to house best-in-class automobiles, Tata BlueScope Steel promises to deliver safe, sustainable roofing and cladding solutions: shelter for all.

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