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The Hamburg-based company STULZ is one of the world’s leading specialist suppliers of air-conditioning systems for data centers and mission-critical applications. Its range focuses in particular on fail-safe operations, maximum efficiency and sustainability.

To guarantee its commitment to the highest global quality standards, the air-conditioning specialist relies on a network of over 150 sales and service partners worldwide, as well as on close relationships with institutions such as the German Datacenter Association (GDA).

Waste Heat Utilization

The local influence of legislators and society is having an ever-greater impact on a global scale. This is being driven by growth in the global data center market and the need for IT infrastructure in almost every region to meet universal quality standards and sustainability standards. For the operation and new build of data centers, these factors have to be identified early on and subsequently taken into account. It is also very important that the proposed cooling solutions are modified to meet local requirements.

One of these global factors is the recovery of heat produced in data centers. This is a very significant issue for everyone who operates in this industry as responsible authorities and society in almost every region are grappling with what should be done about the valuable waste heat resource that comes out of data centers.

STULZ’s CyberAir 3PRO DX Series achieve maximum cooling capacity with a minimal carbon footprint while promising maximum potential savings.

STULZ has been addressing the issue of waste heat recovery for quite a long time. In 2023, the company is set to introduce a solution on the European market that uses existing systems in data centers, but with the addition of an extra, ready-for-connection module, which will enable the best use to be made of the waste heat.

With this innovation, the company is once again assuming its pioneering role and offering a future-oriented and unique solution. The new system enables data center operators to use the heat generated by their servers in a quick and straightforward way. For example, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of STULZ’s waste heat system, it can be integrated directly into a heating network without the need for an additional heat pump.

The system also uses a GWP-low refrigerant, so data center operators can rest assured they will be getting a sustainable air conditioning solution that has a low-cost factor and a very low carbon footprint.

It is also essential to take into account that air conditioning contributes significantly to the energy consumed in a data center. This could be between 20 and 40 percent of the overall energy consumption, depending on the ambient temperature and the degree of modernization required. So, with the right solutions, air conditioning is the biggest area with the potential to save on costs and improve energy efficiency as well as reduce a data center’s carbon footprint.

Greater attention to local data center cooling needs

STULZ’s internationalization strategy involves continuing to expand its global presence. In line with the principle of “think global, act local’, it set up an effective regional hub in Singapore last year to serve the individual needs of the Asian markets based on specific requirements.

STULZ is currently represented in more than 150 countries worldwide with a network of 11 production sites, 23 subsidiaries and over 140 partners.

Further hubs, including Europe and the Middle East, are in preparation. In the future, the STULZ hubs will be able to provide its customers with all the resources they need at regional level.

These local capacities will not only help to reduce workloads for the teams in Hamburg, they will enable the company to react much more quickly to the dynamic market conditions in the various regions. It means STULZ will always be able to service customers on site fast, and react quickly to and help shape the latest market trends.

Exchange of Expertise

STULZ experts also regularly contribute their expertise regionally in various associations and relevant committees, thus representing the interests of the sector in the specialist area of data center cooling. STULZ is a member of the GDA and regularly meets with local and international data center operators and other association members to share knowledge and expertise.

Infrastructure technologies, data center concepts and architecture models are currently going through a very fast pace of change. This requires a flexible, efficient, and, last but not least, sustainable air conditioning strategy, because without air conditioning, it is impossible for data centers to operate reliably.

The GDA has several connections to other leading data center organizations, for example in the Netherlands, France, Norway, and Denmark. It also provides its members with a high-level platform within the data center sector where they can discuss and share ideas on current technological and market trends at an expert level.

About Stulz

STULZ is one of the world’s leading system suppliers of air-conditioning technology for mission-critical applications and Data Centers. With the manufacture of precision air-conditioning units and chillers, the sale of air-conditioning and humidification systems and service, and object management, STULZ achieved a turnover of around US$644 million in 2021.

It employs 3,100 people worldwide at 11 production sites and 23 sales companies. The company also co-operates with sales and service partners in over 150 other countries, giving it a global network of experts.

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