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For over 45 years, Strait Link has been the lifeline of Tasmania, facilitating the seamless transport of goods across the Bass Strait. The substantial growth in demand for its shipping services over time highlights its pivotal role in the growth of Tasmanian businesses and the prosperity of the North-West region.

Strait Link has emerged as a cornerstone in Tasmania’s economic landscape, consistently shipping 3.5 million metric tons of cargo each year. This commitment is underscored by strategic capital investments totaling over A$300 million, testament to the company’s dedication to serving the unique needs of the Tasmanian market. Its dedication to ensuring connectivity and the reliable flow of trade is key to its success, encompassing the spectrum of everyday essentials to valuable industry materials and resources.

A Partner in Growth

In the last financial year, TasPorts’ reported total freight volumes reached 14.5 million metric tons, with 35.2 percent flowing through the Burnie Port. Strait Link is a pivotal player, responsible for shipping approximately 45 percent of all containerized and trailer cargo to and from Tasmania. This commitment goes beyond mere market share to being a partner in the state’s economic growth.

Strait Link has invested in two purpose-built vessels and ship technologies to reduce environmental impacts. It also supports the continuous development of local workforce skills and equipment capabilities. These investments are tailored to address the unique daily challenges posed by Bass Strait shipping trade.

A Common Future

Looking towards to the future, Strait Link’s business plans are aligned to Tasmania’s economic future. Its strategies are focused on the Tasmanian Government’s vision, and it is actively investing to grow in line with the State’s ambitious export growth target of A$15 billion by 2050.

A pivotal aspects of Strait Link’s commitment to growth is the active advocacy for port expansion and upgrades, including access to mainland ports. The company recognizes the transformative power of responsive and scalable port infrastructure, especially access to mainland ports for roll on/roll off shipping operations suited to fresh and diverse Tasmanian export goods. Port infrastructure is fundamental to the sustained economic growth of Tasmania and contributes to the broader national economic outlook. It reflects a belief in the potential of Tasmanian export growth and a commitment to providing world-class daily shipping services.

A Commitment to Tasmania

Bass Strait shipping is not just a service; it is the heartbeat of Tasmania. Strait Link vessels are purpose-built for Bass Strait sailing conditions. It is a vital role the company plays, and its team is motivated by this every day. Strait Link knows its customers and local communities depend on the company to keep their cargo moving seamlessly. In collaboration with Team Global Express, Strait Link offers Australia’s largest freight network and is amongst Australia’s largest employers.

The company is committed to supporting employment opportunities in Burnie and North-West Tasmania, actively contributing to the region’s prosperity.  Strait Link takes pride in being a major sponsor of the iconic Burnie Ten running community event and the Burnie Surf Life Saving Club, reinforcing a commitment to being part of the local community.

Strait Link does not just ship cargo; it connects businesses, communities and people. Strait Link takes the best of Tasmania to the world and ensures the timely delivery of essential items and goods to Tasmanians. With every voyage, its commitment to economic vitality and Tasmania’s export growth ambitions is reaffirmed.

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