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When the world came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, and today while ongoing supply chain disruptions ensue, Sonoco ThermoSafe is an unwavering partner to the biopharmaceutical industry as the global leader in temperature-controlled packaging.

ThermoSafe is a division of Sonoco, a US$7 billion organisation founded in 1899. Today there are more than 20,500 employees, in 300 operations across 32 countries. With operations in the US, Europe and Asia, ThermoSafe builds on over 120 years of knowledge and experience.

120 years’ experience has taught us many lessons. Every day we collaborate with our customers to put them into practice.

Work with strategic partners

Naturally, as a sum of many moving parts, pharmaceutical distribution risk can be difficult to control. It is important to work with a partner who is experienced in adapting quickly, knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical industry and has the resources to support global supply chain demands and disruptions.

In temperature assurance packaging, working with a global supplier that has a manufacturing global footprint like Sonoco ThermoSafe means the resources and flexibility are in place to meet increased demand through any disruption.

Sonoco ThermoSafe is proud to offer a full range of packaging solutions including parcel and bulk systems, and for any temperature range including refrigerated, frozen and CRT. When customers need to launch new products, set up new clinical sites, or start commercial distribution, Sonoco ThermoSafe is trusted to provide a reliable solution.

Don’t wait on sustainability

We can’t turn back time for Earth, but corporate sustainability programs are working toward aggressive goals. As life sciences and healthcare companies’ corporate social responsibility goals spread throughout multi-national organisations and into operations, packaging is an immediate focus area.

Switching to reusable parcel packaging can reduce landfill by 50 percent, which could equate to more than 400 metric tons of waste weight eliminated from landfill. For many companies, it’s a surprising but exciting fact that moving to reusable not only has sustainable outcomes but is also often less expensive than one-way packaging.

Moving away from single-use pallet shippers for air freight can be a significant savings program for many multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Sonoco ThermoSafe offers a suite of sustainable solutions including reusable or rental parcel packaging, curbside recyclable boxes and reusable bulk air freight containers.

Don’t overspend

According to IATA, the International Air Transport Association, up to 20 percent of all temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are damaged during air transport due to a broken cold chain. This could be an indication that there is an imbalance between quality and risk aspects on the one hand and cost aspects on the other hand when pharmaceutical companies procure logistics services. As the cost of discarded products is exponentially higher than the transport itself, the overall result for the company is an increase in spending.

It’s critical to ensure temperature-sensitive healthcare products are properly protected, yet it’s also prudent to avoid costly ‘over packaging’. Supply chain teams need to carefully evaluate which shipping system fits the product needs in the supply chain it will be shipped, for example, transport mode, variable climates, lane data and alternative less expensive packaging options – today that includes sustainable options.
Sonoco ThermoSafe specialises in mitigating risk with robust, compliant packaging solutions that have undergone rigorous testing. Thanks to in-house ISC Labs, Sonoco ThermoSafe technology and engineering is best in class. Teams of engineers perform thermal modelling, testing, custom design and IQ/OQ/PQ qualification protocols and reports.


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