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When it comes to commercial pool ownership, operational safety and water clarity are of utmost importance. That’s why our Calcium Hypochlorite sanitizing solutions offer exceptional water quality with a high level of safety.

Pulsar is an industry leader specializing in powerful automated feed systems and disinfection solutions to give your swimming pool remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle.

We are committed to continually adding value to our products through service and support, and strive to meet evolving community, state and national water standards, while responding to health and wellbeing concerns with innovative solutions.

Pulsar Pool Solutions has been at the cutting edge of commercial swimming pool water treatment for almost 50 years. Our automatic chlorinator products, technologies and thorough chemical feeder application knowledge enable us to deliver just the right solution for your most demanding water sanitizer needs. We have spent decades perfecting the process of water sanitization using dry Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo tablets) to bring predictable chlorination for commercial pool treatment water chemistry.

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