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The Socofar Group was founded in 1949 and has a wide coverage through its participation in various businesses related to health, among which is the operation of pharmacies and beauty stores, wholesale distribution of medicines and medical supplies, laboratories and financial services.

Since January 2015, Socofar has been part of FEMSA Comercio, which in turn is part of Grupo FEMSA – Fomento Economico Mexicano, a leading conglomerate in various areas in Latin America and other geographies. Within FEMSA Comercio, Socofar is part of the Health Division, with subsidiaries in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile, all of which make up the structure for the elaboration, distribution and commercialization of pharmaceutical, beauty and personal care products.

With more than 20 years of experience in the comprehensive management of pharmaceutical services, Socofar ensures high quality and safety standards in all of its processes, generating operational and financial benefits for its clients.

Our work

Socofar’s objective is to cover the comprehensive supply process in health establishments, from planning, purchasing, receiving, managing and controlling inventories, and fractioning to dispensing 24/7 with traceability, being responsible for guaranteeing the opportunity and availability of products associated with medical activity.

The group also aims to generate savings in the purchase of supplies and medicines by incorporating best practices and ensures operational continuity, improving the competitiveness of the institution by permanently optimizing its product mix.

In the Colombian market

Socofar already has a presence of more than 20 years in Colombia, a country where it is in charge of 28 clinics, which include several of the most recognized hospital institutions in the country and which have different levels of complexity: surgery, oncology, radiology services, hemodynamics, neurosurgery, intensive care, cardiovascular, pediatric, among others.

With dedicated care to more than 4,200 beds, including critical care beds, intermediate care, extramural hospitalization, emergency observation, recovery and temporary habilitation for COVID patients, Socofar carries out a comprehensive management of pharmaceutical services, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards in all processes.

Project with CLC in Chile

One of the most relevant projects of the group is centered on the Las Condes Clinic, located in Santiago, Chile, where processes will be implemented in the pharmacotherapeutic field to allow concrete savings and reduce costs, maintaining the quality of its services and the safety of patients and the medical team.

The project seeks to improve the conditions in the purchase of supplies and medicines, incorporating practices endorsed by specialists that will simplify the management of the clinic. Logistics and supply are outsourced from purchase to dispatch to each floor. In this way, the capital cost of the inventory and the costs associated with possible shrinkage are eliminated.

By outsourcing the process, the clinic obtains the support of the leader in the region, which has the experience and financial solvency to ensure operational continuity:

  • Economies of scale: Socofar offers regional economies that materialize from the first day of operation, to which is added a broad alternative mix and strategic relationship with suppliers.
  • Experience in cost optimization: Model based on improvements to the intra-hospital pharmacy vademecum and ISAPRES, the principle is to promote the best technical/economic option.
  • Response to stock breaks: Core of the business, we have a support network in Cruz Verde and another support network with other health institutions.
  • Service level: Proven path and traveled in the region and in Chile, dedicated and exclusive supply, in addition to 24/7 availability.


Socofar’s vision is to develop and grow strongly within this market, understanding how important it is for its clients to put the patient at the center, so it concentrates its efforts on optimizing processes and building a service that guarantees better results to ultimately be a strategic partner of all its clients.

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