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The Sherwin-Williams Company (NYSE: SHW) delivers the best in paint and coatings products to the world. Every day, more than 60,000 employees provide the energy and experience to build on their track record of success – enabling them to innovate and grow in new and exciting ways. With their people as the foundation of the company, they offer industry-leading innovation, value-added service and expertise, and differentiated distribution to a growing base of professional, industrial, commercial and consumer customers.

Below are statements from an interview with Michael Robidoux, Senior Vice President of National Accounts, about the relationship between Sherwin-Williams and David Weekley Homes.

How long has Sherwin-Williams been working with David Weekley Homes?

Sherwin-Williams and David Weekley Homes have been working together since 2009. It started in Houston, Texas, where David Weekley Homes was founded in 1976. Sherwin-Williams began supplying paint for David Weekley Homes’ developments, one or two at a time, and eventually it became a cross-country collaboration.

How can the Sherwin-Williams and David Weekley Homes relationship be described?

The relationship between both companies is very collaborative. David Weekley Homes prides itself on innovation. This commitment has them asking about products or processes to both improve quality and consistency. As a result, Sherwin-Williams and David Weekley Homes raise the bar of business together. This level of partnership is essential to collaborations at Sherwin-Williams.

How does the drive for innovation from this collaboration drive Sherwin-Williams in what they do? 

At Sherwin-Williams, innovation is tightly knit into the fabric of the culture. They are driven by the desire to help their customers grow their business and achieve greater success by staying at the forefront of the industry. As part of their heritage, their customers, like David Weekley, are at the center of their processes. They have a constant dialogue with David Weekley to not only gain valuable insight into their challenges, but also keep a keen eye on emerging technology.

“Both David Weekley Homes and Sherwin-Williams value the top-down, bottom-up approach, making sure the whole company is provided for, from upper management to the painting contractors.”

For example, when a homeowner has small children who touch the wall, how can they provide a coating where that is easier to clean? Sherwin-Williams has many customers like David Weekley Homes that ask for products as solutions for their customer’s future issues. As such, Sherwin-Williams strives to develop coatings that may not exist yet as part of their innovation process. They are a service-focused company and have that in mind as they anticipate their customers’ needs. Many times, their next-level coatings are needed now, not later, which keeps Sherwin-Williams always looking forward.

How important is David Weekley Homes as a partner, and what are some of the benefits from the relationship? 

Sherwin-Williams technical teams think out of the box to continue conducting business in the best way possible. Our customers, like David Weekley Homes, are valued partners as their needs help shape the direction Sherwin-Williams will take. We use the opportunity to be stretched as a manufacturer to keep producing premium paints and coatings while reaching for the next innovation.

Sherwin-Williams not only works with David Weekley Homes leadership in Houston, Texas, but also in the field. It’s the collaboration between the two companies that keeps their business successful. Both David Weekley Homes and Sherwin-Williams value the top-down, bottom-up approach, making sure the whole company is provided for from upper management to the painting contractors.

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