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This is a pivotal time for the world’s energy industry. To deliver energy in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, our customers need richer data and deeper insights to achieve a level of performance not previously possible across our industry. Schlumberger is committed to providing technologies and services that enhance and optimise our customers’ performance while making the most of our unique assets. Our experts collaborate with customers, academia, and partners to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all to define and drive high performance, sustainably. By applying our broad expertise across the full technology life cycle, we develop solutions that move quickly from invention in our technology centres to where they matter most – into safer, efficient and sustainable operations for our customers.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success for Schlumberger. Our diverse community of highly skilled experts employ the latest developments in science, technology and engineering to invent solutions for and with our customers. In an industry as dynamic as energy, there are no average problems and no easy fixes. The foundation for delivering outstanding results for customers fundamentally lies in building relationships at all levels and sustaining trust based on receptiveness, reciprocity and measurable outcomes. 

Any given industry evolution requires all its players to participate and collaborate towards common goals and ambitions. The energy industry feels the urgency to unlock value and a need to drive sustainable, structural cost reductions across the value chain. Tapping into Schlumberger’s advancement in E&P digital R&D, investments and capabilities, through collaboration, is invaluable to innovation. 

A disciplined collaboration always starts with the end in mind and accelerates use of new technology solutions that yield high impact for the customer. 


A few years ago, PETRONAS embarked on an extensive digital transformation journey to maintain resilience and competitiveness. Schlumberger, being the leading domain and technology leader, was selected as the collaborative partner of choice to capitalise on digital revolution.

Taking a customer-first approach, we focused on PETRONAS’s digital ambitions and business priorities and tactically matched our team engagement and solutions to transform our engagement for the coming years. We streamlined projects and activities, focused on prudent and efficient operations. The deployments were in themselves innovative given that many were global firsts. 

Innovative collaboration created the first offshore Agora, Edge Ai and IoT solutions, deployment and recognised the reduction of HSE risk, carbon footprint and cost by eliminating personnel transportation and HSE exposure. This implementation resulted in reducing HSE exposure risks by 90 per cent. 

Another collaborative effort aided deployment of enterprise-scale advanced digital solutions for PETRONAS enabled by the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment and integrated with the OSDU™ Data Platform. These digital solutions enable PETRONAS to accelerate its field development planning and optimise production performance of its assets. The DELFI cognitive E&P environment is a Schlumberger collaborative technology that unites the E&P life cycle in the cloud. The OSDU™ Data Platform is an open source, cloud-native, subsurface reference architecture.

The strategic approach to digital transformation, the adoption of the OSDU™ Data Platform, and the DELFI environment position PETRONAS among the digital leaders of the industry and we are proud to be collaboratively supporting them in this journey. Working together, we will liberate access to data and integrate cutting-edge AI into petrotechnical workflows to optimise field development resources, increase efficiency and vastly improve investment decision-making. 

This enterprise-scale agreement followed the successful deployment of PETRONAS’s LiveFDP program in Malaysia, which leveraged the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite – Schlumberger’s collection of digital solutions for petrotechnical workflows – and the FDPlan* agile field development planning solution. Through this deployment, PETRONAS’s teams were able to rapidly generate competitive development scenarios across multiple data and functional domains.

The energy industry is in the midst of a pivotal decade. The year 2020 was undoubtedly a year that prompted a great reset across all industries, no less in the oil and gas industry. Anchoring on PETRONAS’s Three-Pronged Growth Strategy, Upstream set clear targets underpinned by a robust strategy to address future challenges at pace. The ambition is to be a safe, resilient, low cost and low carbon E&P business. 

The changes will be far-reaching and long-lasting. Major innovation efforts will occur over this decade to bring new technologies to market to meet the new set of sustainability challenges.

Together with our customers as well as business and technology partners, we are accelerating the change to a new industry landscape. We look forward to collaborating further with PETRONAS on its goals to be a leaner, more efficient and more competitive, Upstream operations than before as guided by the Group’s Three-Pronged Growth Strategy. 

*Mark of Schlumberger

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