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San Fernando Integrated Services and Equipment Corporation (Safiscor) is one of the longest-running companies located in the south of the Philippine province of Cebu, providing the services of arrastre, stevedoring and cargo logistic solutions. Founded by Anastacio Muntuerto Jr in South Panadtaran, San Fernando, Safiscor has grown tremendously over its 30 years of operations. What began as a handful of workers has since evolved into a strong workforce of loyal and skilled employees, with the company growing to incorporate a substantial fleet of equipment geared towards providing solutions to the needs of nearby industrial plants.

The Importance of People

In order to achieve this, Safiscor has developed what it considers its best asset, maintained throughout the years of operations: a skilled, competent and dedicated workforce. In a world of innovation and technology, the importance of people is, more often than not, unnecessarily overlooked. But the mission statement of Safiscor’s Founder Anastacio Muntuerto Jr has always been about transforming lives for the better and being in a position to provide opportunities for the community and for fellow human beings.

He would say that the strength of any company lies with its people and without good, competent and honest people, the future would be very dim. This is a message that has been carried on by those at the head of the company since the very beginning, and it has been passed down through the decades to this day. Without a doubt, that forms the core value of the company to which every employee adheres.

Collaborative Partnerships

This message also extends to the relationships Safiscor forms with its business partners, as Safiscor believes in the value of strong collaborations. Together with its long-standing business partners, Taiheiyo Cement Philippines and Solid Earth Development, Safiscor has greatly contributed to the transformation of the once quiet town of San Fernando, Cebu, into the emerging business hub that it is today.

Safiscor is proud to say that its workforce comprises entirely residents from the San Fernando area and neighboring towns, spanning across several generations since its creation, thus uplifting nearby communities. This practice has created a legacy born through constant collaboration that is being passed down to future generations, not only by the owners of the company but by its employees as well. It is this collaboration, both with its employees and its business partners, that has allowed Safiscor to strengthen its corporate values in the areas of operational excellence and safety.

The transformative power of collaboration and the passing on of skills and knowledge are only possible when the right people are involved. Safiscor believes that finding and retaining the right people are testament to its continued existence and success.

Local Opportunities

With current President Adrian John Muntuerto at the helm, Safiscor looks to grow and deepen its relationship with its partners to continue its mission of being a reliable and respectable member of the business community as well as providing opportunities to the local community in South Cebu. Its current team of professionals aims to further expand on the work laid out by those who came before as newer and fresher perspectives from up-and-coming professionals enter the organization of Safiscor. This firmly cements Safiscor’s belief that the foundation of the future is in people.

No matter what innovation may come, the human value will forever remain relevant. The hearts and minds of every member of the organization are a priceless asset for Safiscor in the decades to come.

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