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RUSAL cultivates great respect and trust in relations with its partners. At some point, it converts into millions of metric tons of aluminum but it all begins with great responsibility. Responsibility that RUSAL undertakes as a trusted industry leader, playing an essential role in sustainable and reliable supply of low-carbon aluminum worldwide.

Leadership During Challenging Times

Events in the past months and years show that RUSAL takes its leadership in the aluminum industry seriously. The recent crisis in the Red Sea is a striking example. The disruptions in metal supply from Asia threatened to cause stoppages at dozens of production sites in Türkiye and Europe. RUSAL, with its unique logistic facilities, was there to deliver the necessary metal.

“Despite the challenges related to significant disruptions in global supply chains, we are always ready to support our customers, thanks to our ability to manage innovative supply chain solutions, which we have deployed around the world,” commented Elias Sarkis, Deputy Sales and Marketing Director at RUSAL.

“For over 20 years we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable supplier. Our vertically integrated structure of operations helps us ensure an uninterrupted supply of aluminum throughout the world.”

Investment in Innovation

In addition, RUSAL invests in world-class cutting-edge developments, realizing that new engineering and digital solutions increase competitiveness and optimize business processes. The company continues to develop unique inert anode technology. This innovative approach significantly reduces the level of greenhouse gas emissions during the electrolysis process.

With the inert anode solution, both direct and indirect energy emissions (Scope 1 and 2), are reduced to just 0.01 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per metric ton of aluminum. Compared to the industry average of 12.5 metric tons CO2e, this shows a substantial reduction in environmental impact.

Today, the industry faces the ambitious task of accelerating the transition to a high value-added economy and creating new high value-added products. Aluminum is one of the key metals of the future, critically needed in advanced industries – from batteries and components of solar panels to aircraft parts and structures. To ensure a high pace of market transformation, RUSAL develops unique innovative materials and products.

Sustainable Solutions

RUSAL continues to position towards a low-carbon economy by developing the industry’s lowest carbon footprint of aluminum produced under the ALLOW INERTA brand and increasing the share of recycled materials in alloys for the automotive industry to almost a third. In addition, RUSAL production facilities today recycle and reuse about 80 percent of the generated industrial by-products and waste, and shall continue to increase this share.

“We have recently announced the increase of the share of recycled content in our primary equivalent foundry alloys [PEFA] to 25–30 percent,” Sarkis noted. “This is a great example that shows that we never sit on existing solutions, constantly developing new applications of recycled alloys to respond to ever evolving end user needs. The new product is in full alignment with original equipment manufacturer [OEM] requirements, meeting both the need for low-carbon footprint and recycled content.”

RUSAL creates new opportunities for companies to strengthen their potential in a low-carbon circular economy, which is based on an adaptive, safe and inclusive value chain, as well as advanced technological solutions. The company offers a wide range of low carbon foundry alloys to the largest companies, including exclusive patented alloys. More than a hundred of RUSAL’s customers, including industry leaders in the production of automotive components around the world, also receive RUSAL’s exceptional technical support services for their own production.

R&D to Overcome Challenges

The company also successfully runs several R&D projects with top global automotive parts suppliers on proprietary alloys. The creation of a new aluminum–zinc alloy introduces an effective tool to assist the largest international automotive companies and manufacturers of auto components in achieving strategic development goals, both by optimizing the cost and strength of parts and by reaching sustainability goals.

RUSAL continues to work and adapt to the changing business environment by developing new markets and products. The extensive experience in overcoming obstacles and a high quality of strategic solutions in non-standard conditions are the keys to success in moving forward. Long-term goals will be achieved, regardless of the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead. But above all, the RUSAL team is always engaged and enrolled to do its utmost to serve the customer needs, to respond to any sort of challenges, always finding solutions and making things happen for the customers all over the world, which is the feature our partners value the most.

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