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In the heart of Metro Manila, where history and tradition intersect with the demands of modern industry, stands a steadfast pillar of strength: Remington Industrial Sales Corporation.

The Corporation was established in 1966 by Antonio and Perlita Tan, who recognized from the beginning that logging and hardware items were not just items to trade. As the business progressed, it began to serve other heavy industries such as (but not limited to) shipping, mining, energy and construction.

The corporation was, and has always been, about building trust, forging connections and molding a resilient future.

For decades, Remington has been present in the foundations of Philippine infrastructure. From public buildings to private institutions, the corporation has established a strong footing in the industry as a tested and trusted distributor of quality.

At the core of its brand is an unwavering commitment to quality. Remington believes in delivering only the finest products that exceed expectations and stand the test of time, and continuously strives to uphold the highest standards to ensure its customers can trust the excellence and durability of the steel it distributes.

Integrity is the cornerstone of the Remington brand. The corporation believes in always doing things the right way – even when no-one is watching. It builds trust, credibility and rapport with customers and partners by upholding moral and ethical principles every step of the way.

Remington is dedicated to continually making available high-quality steel that is accessible for local industries, contractors and fabricators, which is why it only partners with top-of-the-line manufacturers and traders that provide tried and tested materials.

Leadership is in the company’s DNA, and this has been a significant driver in Remington setting the standard in steel distribution and beyond. Good leadership is also a mainstay within the corporation, and it continues to grow and thrive as it moves into its own third generation, led by a team of integrous and credible individuals.

Equipped with more than half a century of heritage and expertise, and partnered with global steel manufacturers, Remington invites you to become a part of its story as it forges the foundations of tomorrow, today.

This is where steel meets soul, where wisdom guides every decision and connections are strengthened with every transaction.

This is Remington Industrial Sales Corporation – your pillar in the steel landscape of the Philippines.

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