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Finance Automated Managed Services (FAMS) is PwC’s answer to help finance organisations solve some of the most pressing challenges companies are facing today.

With PwC’s highly automated, fully compliant, scalable and turnkey-ready technology platform and its global network of leading tax, accounting and transformation experts, the company helps clients master the step-change to the latest technology as well as address demographic trends.

PwCs FAMS platform is driven by the idea that transactional accounting and taxation should be automated to the highest extent possible, leveraging expert know-how, further improving data harmonisation and compliance and at the same time allowing faster decision-making from automated reporting and predictive forecasting methods.

It, therefore, leverages the latest technology from leading technology partners, including SAP and Microsoft, and combines them with the PwC team’s experience from years of finance transformation projects.

The transformation it conducts ensures flexibility at the edge – with client-focused and revenue-making systems flexibly attached to its platform, remaining with the client – and discipline at the financial core via a fit-to-standard transition to PwC FAMS.

This ensures distinctive and differentiating systems remain in a company’s full control while PwC offers compliant tax, fiscal and management accounting out of one standardised core. This especially helps companies in situations where reliable accounting, taxation and reporting are required quickly, such as in digital transformation projects, carve-outs, joint-ventures, corporate start-ups or large infrastructure projects.

PwCs trusted FAMS give CEOs and CFOs the technology and know-how from its global network of professionals to focus on data-driven analysis and fact-based decision making, while leveraging the latest technology and finance transformation know-how.

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