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The power to impact reading

When Srinivas Balasubramanian founded Photon in 2007, he was not originally thinking about helping kids get a better start in life through intuitive mobile experiences at their library. But that is precisely what Photon has achieved with enterprise customer, Baker & Taylor.

With almost two decades of being immersed in the digital transformation industry, Srinivas has closely witnessed how digital has become the most significant enabler for the next wave of businesses. Conversely, he has also seen firsthand how some of the best-known businesses that stayed traditional were disrupted by fierce forward-thinking competition.

“When we spoke to Amandeep Kochar, CEO from Baker & Taylor, he shared his concern about how kids and families visiting public libraries didn’t have easy access to their choice of digital books. It held them back from reading more. He had this vision for change through digital,” said Srinivas.

Turning the page, digitally

Baker & Taylor, a leader in distributing to public libraries digital and hardcover books, music and movies, in addition to management tools to help support librarians and their patrons, came to Photon with multiple challenges to solve – from a broken mobile experience to creating a comprehensive technology blueprint for all channels and systems.

As e-reader sales decline and with more people using their mobile devices to read digital books, ensuring a seamless, mobile-friendly experience is critical. As a result, Aman chose to partner with Photon, a leading digital transformation agency known for creating world-class, sensational mobile-first customer experiences.

While discussing the problem at hand, Srinivas said, “Our main objectives were to improve Baker & Taylor’s digital customer experience and fix the technology infrastructure issues.”

He added that it would help Baker & Taylor increase its revenue by generating more book consumption and continue to scale the number of libraries using its services across the world.

“We see Baker & Taylor going through what many enterprises are experiencing – the third wave of digital transformation, or what we call the Digital HyperExpansion (DHX).

Photon considers DHX as the third wave of growth for digital technologies in enterprises. This will result in organizations using a digital framework that will enable portfolio and life cycle management of all campaigns, brands, products, business units and infrastructures.

“We specialize in partnering with enterprises through a comprehensive process that keeps this aspect at the core of a suitable digital transformation strategy.”

On a mission to digitize

Srinivas has built one of the fastest-growing technology services companies, Photon, in the industry, founded on the principle of always putting the customer first.

“We have a customer-first culture, that is why we earn the loyalty of our clients and grow from them coming back to Photon with new challenges and innovation ideas.”

Photon serves global CIOs who are now expected to create and enable new business growth and value through technology. These developments have created the need for digital across the entire enterprise from supply chain, data and cloud, all the way through to highly contextualized customer experiences.

His leadership skills and in-depth experience across industries have led Photon to continued growth, and with its diversified services, industries served and geographical footprint, Photon today is taking up complex digital transformation projects all over the world. To learn more about Photon, visit www.photon.com.

“Companies like Baker & Taylor, and visionaries like Amandeep Kochar, look to Photon to help them realize their digital vision at scale,” remarked Srinivas. “Our expertise can help Baker & Taylor grow digital literacy for children, that’s something we can be proud of.”

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