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Cubic is a global leader in creating and delivering transportation and defense solutions. NTT is a leader in IT infrastructure and services. Together, the two companies are transforming transportation and making people’s lives easier.

Cubic creates and delivers technology solutions that make people’s lives easier. In the transportation industry, that means reduced congestion and better customer experiences. For the defense industry, Cubic’s solutions promote mission success and safety.

Cubic needed to scale and streamline how they innovate, deliver to existing clients and deliver new solutions to market, while simultaneously reducing costs. That’s why Cubic partnered with NTT, to accelerate their digital-first approach and deliver continuous innovation to the transportation industry.

“The ultimate reason we selected NTT was the ease of doing business. The way other companies were bringing services into Cubic had become highly complicated,” said Dan Hedstrom, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Cubic.

“NTT was just more flexible and better able to meet our specific business challenges. Their global reach and ability to help us scale and automate the delivery of our products and services has been a game changer.”

Simpler commutes, happier travelers and safer journeys

Cubic excels at creating and managing applications that optimize the public transportation environment as well as the traveler experience – from taking a fare and processing a transaction to opening a gate or turnstile. They required a partner to manage the size and scale of infrastructure needed to support these processes and help simplify their go-to-market approach into additional geographies around the globe.

Cloud capacity was not the problem. Cubic already had a significant cloud footprint. NTT’s expertise in managing cloud infrastructure enabled Cubic to optimize their cloud financial operations, minimizing cloud sprawl and expanding their core infrastructure more quickly, with the ability to scale up and down as needed. This has helped accelerate time-to-market for new products and create scalable repeatable solutions that could be customized and rolled out quickly.

These efficiencies have allowed Cubic to reinvest into their core business and focus on developing transportation solutions that are even smarter and easier to use.

Seamless, integrated, and cost-effective mobility solutions

“The symbiotic partnership between Cubic and NTT is redefining what’s possible with urban mobility,” said Peter Cutts, Senior Vice President, Digital Advisory and Innovation at NTT.

“NTT delivers advisory, global scale, velocity, repeatable processes and automation. Collaborating with a transportation innovator like Cubic is unlocking new tools for transportation authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network by giving travelers the smartest and easiest way to travel and pay for their journeys.”

NTT optimized Cubic’s existing technology solutions spend, cloud footprint and cloud services while consolidating various Microsoft and cloud licenses into a single enterprise agreement. This allows Cubic to manage their cloud spend while ensuring they pay only for the services and licenses they consume.

NTT also supports the underlying cloud footprint that makes Cubic’s business possible, while providing ongoing advice to help them reduce costs, boost performance and increase efficiency when scaling the business.

Overall, Cubic has leveraged managed services combined with specialized consultancy to augment their internal skills and optimize their systems. The first phase of their transformation has resulted in more than 10 percent in annualized savings (excluding one-time costs).

Speed to market, efficiency and performance

Leveraging NTT’s advisory, service and infrastructure solutions has helped Cubic to build on their history of continuous innovation. Benefits of this partnership include:

1. Optimized cloud financial operations

Consolidating licenses and moving to a managed cloud infrastructure allows Cubic to reduce costs and optimize spending, allowing them to reinvest savings into new innovation.

2. Increased customer satisfaction

Staying current with the latest technology, Cubic is better prepared to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market. That includes giving customers the ability to use current technology for urban mobility, like tapping a smartphone or smartwatch to pay fares.

3. Expanded global market competitiveness

Having NTT manage their cloud infrastructure allows Cubic to easily scale in both existing and new markets. They can also quickly build solutions where NTT has an established presence.

4. Enhanced collaboration on new solutions

The two organizations’ teams work together closely and share knowledge across their fields of expertise. This enables both teams to influence outcomes, resulting in better solutions for customers and the business. NTT is a leader in deploying and managing IT infrastructure, allowing Cubic to focus on what they do best – keeping people on the move.

Together, the companies offer an innovative approach to cloud management, growth and optimization, in addition to building business resilience. This all comes together to deliver a transformative experience for the billions of people around the world who use public transportation.

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