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Nippon Dynawave Packaging (NDP) has been making high-quality SBS paperboard for use in liquid packaging containers for over 70 years. Our mill, located in Longview, Washington, is a top producer of board specifically designed for the demanding requirements of the fresh liquid packaging market around the world. Utilising our onsite extruders, our proprietary blend of resins creates exceptional barrier qualities that helps to keep fresh liquids fresher for longer.

At NDP, we have a longstanding reputation for embracing the opportunity to work with our customers and innovate packaging solutions for the future. These solutions are carefully designed to meet the needs of the brand owner, the consumer, and the environment. To accomplish these goals, we continue to invest significant capital resources in our operation. The most recent investment was our new Metal Belt Calender that commenced operation in December 2021. This investment has allowed NDP to continue meeting the expectations of our customers while also playing a critical role in our commitment to the environment. It allows us to provide a paperboard that meets the strict printing and performance requirements of the market to support healthy lifestyles while making efficient use of sustainable wood resources.

Our mission has always been to make the highest-quality paperboard, provide unsurpassed customer service and deliver technical, professional, and operational excellence in everything we do!

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