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New Frontier Group operates on the belief that long-term partnerships are the key to improving the global healthcare model. New Frontier Group’s 21-year partnership with SOS International is the longest standing in the industry and speaks to our commitment to supporting SOS’s members and ensuring their satisfaction with our service.

The partnership between SOS International and New Frontier Group has given way to market innovation with an emphasis on trust and transparency. New Frontier Group provides SOS International with 24-hour customer service, coordination of lodging and transport for members, management of patient health care appointments, and a guarantee of appropriate care delivery. These organizations have worked together since the inception of New Frontier Group in 2002.

Gitte Bach, CEO of New Frontier Group, is originally from Denmark where she started her career in international healthcare. In 2002, Gitte left Denmark for the United States, where she founded New Frontier Group. Her vision was to build a global, solution-oriented company offering customized services for the international healthcare market.

Today, New Frontier Group works with some of the largest companies in the international and domestic insurance industry. Throughout its 21-year history, New Frontier Group has kept pace with the latest in rapidly changing technology and built partnerships that continually lower the cost of health care for international clients.

Today’s modern global economy demands more from payers and providers. In order to manage populations traveling across provincial borders, organizations must have solutions and actionable data. Such data allows New Frontier Group to provide seamless healthcare services at the lowest possible cost with the best possible outcomes.

New Frontier Group’s integrated solutions are redefining what’s possible in international health care – no matter where members live or travel.

The foundation of New Frontier Group’s integrated solution includes:

  • Cost Management Specialization
  • Global telehealth that crosses borders
  • White Glove Global Rx
  • Tailored Worldwide Arbitration
  • Personalized Patient Care Coordination

New Frontier Group has always been committed to providing advancements in both global healthcare and in technology to drive down costs and increase positive outcomes. The continuous improvement initiatives ensure optimization of all technology offerings and partnerships.

As global health care moves into 2023, the Value Based Care (VBC) initiative is of utmost importance for the international market to embrace. VBC has been an ongoing strategy in many countries across the world to bend the cost curve and improve the health of their domestic populations. New Frontier Group has determined how to repurpose this effective model and adapt it as a cost management strategy for global populations who need health care across national borders.

Benefits of VBC include:

  • Modified Reimbursement Models
  • Unified Rates
  • At Risk Multi-Specialty Care
  • Outcome-based Incentives
  • Transparency among Global Payers and Providers
  • Administrative Savings

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