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Beyond Mooring, Above Safety, Towards Excellence

Loh Chwee Chew Mooring Services (LCCM) was first founded in 1965 by Mr Loh Chwee Chew, who single-handedly managed the mooring services for two clients with three mooring boats, 30 front-line workers and one admin personnel in a humble 12 metre-square office at Singapore River.

Since then, the company has developed alongside Singapore’s economy and progressively expanded its service variability to provide a more well-rounded support to terminals and refineries.

These services include tank cleaning, tug boat operations, oil spill response, launch service, drumming and trucking, products transfer in ISO/Road Tankers, scaffolding, refractory, chemical resistant coating, logistics and more. This is in addition to the core business of providing mooring support to energy, oil and gas sectors, which has expanded to cover most parts of Jurong Island.

Land Ahoy

Today, with a strength of more than 400 employees and 30 marine craft, LCCM is proud to serve over 20 clients’ mooring and terminal needs on the Singapore mainland, Jurong Island and other offshore islands. With the development of Industry 4.0 and Singapore’s Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map, the company seeks to reinvent the way it works with digitalisation and innovation, and is working closely with government bodies like Enterprise Singapore and its esteemed customers as it strives towards the future.

In line with Singapore’s net zero carbon emission efforts, it is also proud to be one of the supporting pioneers in fuelling the rise of LNG-powered trucks in Singapore. When PSA Singapore launched a new fleet of 80 LNG-powered trucks at its Pasir Panjang terminal in 2021, LCCM was selected to provide the company’s complex LNG-filling assignment during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most other companies were struggling with manpower constraints.

Having experienced the pandemic lockdown and the rise in protectionist policies globally, LCCM experienced first-hand the impact of the Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible (BANI) world we live in today. Thanks to the company’s heritage, it is proud to have fully supported not some but all of its customers’ mooring labour needs during those desperate times.

The robust mooring support provided was only possible as a result of continuous forward planning, re-assessment, problem-solving and engagement between its customers and the senior management team.

Investing in People

To retain and build upon the extensive mooring experience the company has acquired over the years, LCCM formalised its training under the Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) scheme with Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education. Under the COJTC scheme, LCCM also continuously conduct training needs analysis to identify skills gap.

To date, with the exception of berthing training provided by Singapore’s Authority, LCCM is the only private company in Singapore that has mooring training formally certified by an education body. This training builds on existing straight-berth mooring methods and includes considerations for mooring works within various mooring and jetty structures. Under this scheme, LCCM is confident of the competency of its workers to perform mooring safely.

The result is encouraging as the company has been able to develop workplace learning plans aligned to its business needs, manage and allocate resources to achieve workplace learning outcomes and identify opportunities for job redesign.

As one of the first movers in Singapore’s mooring history, LCCM strives to continue as the leading mooring company and provide trusted essential services for Singapore’s energy, oil and gas sectors. As it continues its progression into Industry 4.0, LCCM continues to care for its peoples’ safety and wellbeing so they can be their best possible selves at work and at home.

To thrive in today’s BANI world, LCCM is committed to being agile alongside its customers for business continuity and strategy – so that everyone wins.

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