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No organization can ignore the opportunities that digital innovation brings, nor the power of the data that is integral to it. But on its own, data isn’t enough.

It’s the way that it’s harnessed, processed and analyzed that creates advantages for organizations and ultimately enables the use of AI to gain additional insights and future-proof processes.

Lingaro Group is the end-to-end data services partner to global brands and enterprises. An organization that fully comprehends the power of data, generating analytics that drive real transformation and scalable growth for businesses.

Two Businesses, One Goal: Reliable and Connected Data

Lingaro Group’s collaboration with Randstad began in 2017 with a few successful projects, including the implementation of a global data ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This comprehensive solution included implementation and governance of full-service data pipelining, data warehousing and reporting capabilities. It facilitated multiple global programs for the legal and finance departments.

The successful delivery of these projects established Lingaro Group as a trusted partner for Randstad, and Lingaro Group was subsequently selected to help Randstad Poland develop a modern data warehouse on GCP.

In doing this, Lingaro Group was able to resolve issues related to limited accessibility and high costs associated with SAP licenses and report maintenance. Lingaro Group handled incremental data processing and data set publication for reporting, ensuring a single source of truth. Additionally, it established an automated connection between the local data warehouse and the global solution mentioned above.

The key benefits for Randstad were data democratization and increased report availability at lower costs.

It empowered users across the organization to access and analyze data without requiring specialized licenses, ultimately enabling data-driven decision-making.

This was a wonderful opportunity to work with the local Randstad team in Poland, further cementing the partnership and leading to Lingaro Group receiving a 5.0 rating on Gartner Peer Insights.

Reliable Data Sources are the Foundation for Training AI Models

Like many companies, Randstad saw the opportunity to tap into AI to enhance its core business processes.

As a trusted partner in data and analytics for the past seven years, Lingaro Group has played a significant part in Randstad’s journey.

The focus of the work has been on data collection, transformation and quality assurance. This has enabled Randstad to have the right data sets with which to successfully train the AI models.

Thanks to AI, Randstad can now operate much faster and achieve more accurate results compared to previous methods, enabling the company to provide an even better service to its clients and generate more business.

Sam Mantle, CEO of Lingaro Group explains how important data is in the process.

“Using AI to connect the dots is great, but only if the data the AI models have access to is accurate,” he says. “Lingaro knows that the value of AI is only as good as the integrity of the data it operates upon. We’re ‘all things data’ and this is where we make a difference to our client’s business.”

The importance of data integrity sits alongside a clear resolution to embrace AI with care.

Lingaro Group develops safe and responsible AI that upholds the legal and compliance requirements specific to the HR sector. This is an area that was highlighted recently on CIO.com by Martin de Weerdt, CIO of Randstad, who said, “We need to ensure that we maintain a moral compass and a human conscience in how we apply AI.”

With Lingaro Group’s superior understanding of data, and extensive experience working with generative AI, we are uniquely positioned to help global companies navigate this space, making the most of their data while also ensuring ethical and responsible AI practices.

Together, let’s build a future where AI empowers you to make smarter decisions, uncover new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

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