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For over a decade, Lenovo has forged a strong and successful partnership with KPMG, a global leader in professional services, to deliver and manage their technology requirements in various markets across the Asia–Pacific region.

KPMG provides auditing, tax and advisory services in 146 countries and territories with 227,000 employees worldwide and over 50,000 in the Asia–Pacific region alone. With such a large global footprint, it’s critical that KPMG employees have the right technology at their disposal, configured properly for their roles and company security policies.

This is important not only for continuity of business operations, but to drive employee experience and productivity. Businesses often spend too much time managing region- and device-specific procurement and operational models for countries outside of the main revenue stream. This can include unplanned expenses like import fees and landing costs, not to mention unexpected headaches from new requirements.

KPMG signed on to use Lenovo TruScale Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) to help their IT department get out of the business of configuring, shipping and tracking laptops. TruScale DaaS provides companies with access to the most complete portfolio of technology (PCs, tablets, phones, data center technology and accessories, leading software and trusted services) meaning they have everything their business needs to get to market faster.

Lenovo’s capability to provide an end-to-end portfolio of products and solutions is a key differentiator for KPMG. With complete visibility into their technology and its lifecycles, KPMG can empower their IT team to work toward business outcomes that positively impact revenues and profitability.

As-a-Service models accelerate digital transformation through operational and cost efficiencies

With technology ingrained in every branch of the business, companies must continue to invest and innovate to remain relevant. Digital transformation continues to be a key priority for businesses. In fact, according to Lenovo’s Global Study of CIOs 2023, 60 percent of Chief Information Officers said their business would be impacted immediately or in a few weeks, should they stop investing in digital transformation. Moreover, with hybrid work becoming a norm, it’s important that businesses invest in tech solutions that enable business continuity and contribute to employee productivity.

This is a key catalyst for the Lenovo and KPMG partnership – a role that has seen the pair actively planning together and delivering and managing technology requirements in various markets across the Asia–Pacific. The partnership has evolved to become a strategic alliance, where Lenovo plays a crucial role in enhancing employee collaboration and productivity through its technology solutions.

Essentially, Lenovo is almost an extension of KPMG’s IT department, working closely with them to customize solutions that meet their specific needs. Lenovo TruScale DaaS helps KPMG optimize costs by eliminating the need for device ownership.

Establishing and maintaining strong client relationships, like the one with KPMG, is a responsibility that Lenovo takes seriously. Understanding that innovation is not solely about technology, but also about addressing business pain points and driving tangible results, Lenovo makes it a priority to understand and meet client needs.

From the world’s largest PC manufacturer, to providing smarter technology for various business needs

Lenovo is a global technology powerhouse like no other – with 35-plus years’ experience of powering customers through devices, to empowering them in the future through services and solutions.

Recognizing that technology is a critical component of businesses, the key to making it all work best for customers was thinking holistically about how all their tech stack can work together.

Lenovo formed the Solutions and Services Group (SSG) two years ago which brings together all of Lenovo’s ‘as-a-Service’ offerings under one umbrella to provide everything from the pocket to the cloud via a single contract. Companies get access to devices when they need them, storage and computing that can flex up and down to meet changing business needs, and full-service support to onboard their mobile workforce no matter where they are. All of this is available on a pay-as-you go consumption model helps drive business agility, flexibility, and productivity – ultimately benefiting the bottom line.

To ensure efficient client integration, Lenovo consolidated its go-to-market efforts globally under the International Sales Organization. Additionally, they recently formed the Technology and Solutions Delivery Group, bringing together various functions such as IT, R&D, delivery and support. This unified approach enables Lenovo to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions to customers that foster innovation, agility, resilience and operational efficiency.

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