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Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company is leading the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East.

First established in the early eighties, the last 45 years, KSP has achieved several milestones in its journey towards becoming a successful player in the pharmaceutical industry providing quality medicines to Kuwait and the surrounding region with its leading manufacturing capabilities.

Being the first and only pharmaceutical manufacturing in Kuwait, KSPICO’s acquisition by Mezzan Holding has opened the way to acquire new pillars such as fostering strategic expansion into the global market by setting up new scientific offices in countries such UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Creating high quality pharmaceutical procedures by building a new sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing plant designed by a leading international consultancy firm. KSP will continue to strive to develop its technological capabilities and offer essential medicines to Kuwait and the region.

KSPICO had a very significant role during the Covid-19 pandemic by ensuring Kuwait’s drug and medical equipment security during the pandemic as a supplier of pharmaceutical drugs, large parenteral solutions for private and public hospitals, and personal protective supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizer.

KSPICO also contributed to global efforts to develop solutions to the virus. For example, KSPICO participated in an international clinical trial with Fujifilm and Global Response Aid.

For more information: www.kspico.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kspico.kw/?hl=af

For more information: www.mezzan.com

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