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Whether you work out at a local gym, neighborhood boutique fitness studio, or even a hotel’s fitness center – if you frequent a fitness center there’s a good chance the equipment you’re using was installed by Mass Movement. As the leader in fitness equipment delivery and installation, Mass Movement has serviced fitness centers across the US and Canada for more than 25 years before the sale of substantially all its assets to J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. in November 2020.

With its operations now a part of J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services® business unit, Mass Movement’s industry expertise is being combined with the vast resources of J.B. Hunt to provide customers with top-of-the-line transportation and logistics support.

“The acquisition allows for new levels of service to our customers,” says Chuck Fedorka, Director of Strategic Accounts at J.B. Hunt Final Mile. “Because of the breadth and density of our locations, we can now offer a nationwide solution for fitness equipment delivery and installation.”

Orangetheory Fitness was one of the top customers J.B. Hunt acquired. J.B. Hunt Final Mile is proud to continue the six-year relationship started by Mass Movement as the exclusive provider of shipping and installation for the fitness company. During that time, Fedorka estimates Mass Movement and, later, J.B. Hunt have installed 80,000 pieces of cardio equipment in more than 3,000 Orangetheory studios.

“We continue to build upon our relationship by consistently providing quality service and delivering on our promises,” says Fedorka. “It’s a privilege to work so closely with such a great company. Together, we are proud to give people access to health and fitness through the products we deliver and the services we provide.”

With J.B. Hunt, traditional transportation pain points are a thing of the past. The company proactively manages the customer’s supply chain to address potential delays or other complications and simplify shipping by acting as a single point of contact for multiple manufacturers. Additionally, the team assembles and tests equipment at distribution centers before delivery and installation to eliminate equipment failure or malfunctions on-site.

Whether it’s fitness equipment, furniture, or appliances, J.B. Hunt Final Mile builds end-to-end supply chain solutions customized to each company’s needs. They offer both dedicated and commingled programs capable of reaching every customer within the contiguous US.

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