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Technology, skills and high-quality service, along with social and environmental responsibility: This is how Inci.Flex establishes itself as a leading supplier of flexo digital plates, rotogravure cylinders, direct laser engraving, and flexo plates for corrugated cardboard.

Inci.Flex stands as the perfect solution for printers who demand quality.

Inci.Flex was founded in 1984 in the province of Salerno, Italy, by Carmine Consalvo. Today, under the leadership of his son Vincenzo from its headquarters in Fisciano, the company is growing at a brisk pace throughout Italy and abroad, where it operates directly in Northern Africa and the Middle East. In recent months, after its latest acquisition, Inci.Flex has been in the process of unifying its three branches in Northern Italy into one office near Milan, where the largest and most up-to-date rotogravure cylinder engraving center is about to be created.

Leading the Way with Technology

Inci.Flex has established itself as a forerunner of solutions and trends, testing new developments together with leading suppliers and being the first to adopt disruptive innovations such as Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS and Kodak Flexcel Solutions for flat point plates. It also invests directly in R&D. Its latest notable result is the innovative UltraLED engraving and image processing technology, which, by combining sophisticated screens, ad hoc engraving algorithms and specific photopolymers, allows for unprecedented quality results.

Putting People First

Inci.Flex is recognized by its customers and stakeholders as a partner that puts people at the heart of what they do, whether that is at home in Italy or abroad, “where there is a need to build bridges and create solid and long-lasting relationships,” Vincenzo Consalvo explains. Above all, the internal goal of the company is to equip itself with the best skills and enhance everyone’s contribution, creating a proactive and supportive working community through continuous training and constant optimization of operational procedures.

A Focus on Corporate Responsibility

Responsible management of ESG criteria is part of Inci.Flex’s DNA. The company is committed to creating networks of people, universities, local administrations and supply chain companies in order to restore respect for the environment and to build wealth and opportunities. Such a commitment goes even beyond its own territories. For example, during the earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria, Inci.Flex supported local populations, with the company’s top management investing their personal time to assist in fundraising.

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