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At International Energy Resources (IER) we manage our clients’ energy needs, giving them the ability to perform and grow. Our goal is to provide clients with solutions that enable them to efficiently and effectively meet their energy ambitions now and in the future.

IER provides its customers with tailored Turnkey Solutions and Equipment Supply to meet today’s Energy, Power & Water demands in a complete and uniquely engineered, installed and constructed project approach.

Operating in 20 countries and with over US$100 million in annual sales, IER employs and engages more than 200 people worldwide through its contractors and suppliers. IER has the experience, expertise and reach to successfully meet your needs and elevate your capabilities.

The Group operates in two business segments – Energy (Conventional) and Turnkey Solutions. Within these main businesses we provide engineering, production support, maintenance management, industrial gas turbine overhauls and repair services to the market leaders in:

– Conventional Energy Solutions

– Gas Turbine Supply / Overhauls and Repairs

– Spare Parts and Services

– Turnkey Solutions and Services

IER specializes in providing cost effective repairs and overall solutions for the light Industrial and Aero Derivative gas turbine markets. We have over 30 years of global experience in the Light industrial and Aero Derivative gas turbine business.

Our Jebel Ali Free Zone facility in the United Arab Emirates is the center of excellence for the supply of new, repaired and overhauled gas turbine packages or their major components within the IER network of companies.

The company is capable in supporting the light industrial and aero derivative gas turbines for such original equipment manufacturers as Ruston, European Gas Turbines, Alstom, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Solar Cat, Allison and GEC.

Our worldwide customer base is as varied as the range of applications for the products, spanning the gamut from power generation companies and service companies to marine users, oil rig operators and compressor stations, both onshore and offshore.

When it comes to the support and maintenance of light industrial or aero derivative gas turbines, customers benefit from IER’s worldwide service network and our unique expertise in finding a fast and competitive solution.

IER’s services division is well recognized throughout the energy industry for its innovative and creative solutions. We hold a firm belief in the value of relationships and the sharing of risks and rewards, while maintaining a positive working relationship as our clients‘ strongest advocate.

We provide the knowledge and experience necessary for our clients to obtain the required economic savings and associated benefits essential in this rapidly changing industry.

By partnering with our customers and associates around the world, we develop innovative and often unprecedented repair solutions. We offer through our internal and external resources advanced refurbishment and repairs for many gas turbine components, which are available for most engine types of light industrial, aero-derivative, heavy-duty frames and for all engine model for the mature technologies.

Parts are first inspected internally and then repaired via specialized repair centers, selected by our engineering teams to offer the best economical solutions for its customers.

IER offers its own internal and external resources repairs and coatings services for its light industrial / aero derivative and heavy industrial gas turbine components. Once repaired, state-of-the-art coatings and systems are applied to increase operational performance and/or extend gas turbine operational life.

Special coatings are applied to compressors sections, combustion and gas turbine section components through a variety of coating application techniques including Thermal Barrier, Abraidable, Diffusion, Overlay and Wear Coatings.


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