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When the COVID-19 hit, it sped up the need for banks to deliver safer touch-less options and digital solutions to continue to provide vital services to their customers. At Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions (HDPS) touch-less ATMs were already part of our pipeline and we were able to speed up the go-to-market and deliver a solution to meet the pressing need of our customers. Designed to run on existing systems without the need for new hardware or any upgrades we were ready to go live in a very short time.

Sampath Bank has always been a true partner in innovation for HDPS, starting in 2001 when they were the first bank to implement our flexible ATM Switch, 2021 was no different as we partnered to be the first live installation of a touch-less ATM solution in Asia.

While globally there is a move toward cashless transactions, there are still large segments of people, particularly in Asia for whom such access is limited. Here cash options are still essential which meant ATM cash withdrawals and deposits (along with in-branch banking) remained essential for consumers. At the same time, phone and smartphone penetration in these regions remain high, making the mobile phone driven touch-less ATM application an ideal solution that addresses market realities.

“The goal was to create a solution that utilised existing technology and services for a fast and cost-effective rollout. By creating a solution that used a consumer’s personal mobile device and the bank’s existing ATM technology, we were able to achieve just this,” said HDPS CEO Dinesh Rodrigo. “The process is now faster, and people spend less time at ATMs to access their funds. Importantly, it is also designed with an eye on flexibility without compromising on security.”

The technology that runs the touch-less ATMs follows all regulatory and security standards. It requires customer presence and uses session-specific encrypted information, ensuring safety. Further, the use of the bank’s mobile application validates users’ credentials and biometrics. The application is built on the Hitachi ibSuite – eWallet solution, as well as the Hitachi ibSuite – Self Service solution.

At HDPS we have a reputation for providing customers with cutting edge and first in the world solutions, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition and provide exceptional, personalised customer solutions without compromising on transaction integrity and security. Globally, payment regulators are amending their service offerings in light of COVID-19 and a heightened need to carry out transactions securely while ensuring the safety of employees and customers. HDPS’s innovative product serves as a welcome impetus to this growing shift.

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