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A Memorable Partnership With Latin American Health Care

During GE’s 100 years of operation in Argentina, the company has undergone extensive changes and is now primarily focused on health care, power and aviation. Since 1920, it has been supporting the country’s development by expanding its infrastructure and engaging in the lives of millions of Argentineans.

GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of General Electric, is focused on digitalizing operations, helping to enhance the health system’s efficiency and productivity, as well as improving outcomes to patients and members of the healthcare chain. It also has a services team capable of ensuring full wing-to-wing support.

Throughout its years operating in Argentina, GE Healthcare has strengthened its presence by powering up its sales force, products and services, shaping the company as a great partner for customers all over the world. This external focus includes high-tech diagnosis equipment becoming increasingly accurate and productive, as well as staff dedicated to supporting the needs of its customers, including one of the biggest players in the Argentinean market, Swiss Medical.

“The aim of our practice is and will always be to develop the best technology to save lives while creating the best patient experience,” Carla Maranca (pictured), CEO of GE Healthcare CALA branch, says. “To that end, we steadily direct our investments into innovation, as well as developing our local teams. We proudly own the biggest installed base located in Latin America and the biggest team to aid our clients. These competences have allowed us to perform a vital role during the pandemic.”



Recently, GE Healthcare boosted its offering with the addition of GE LiveRoom (www.geliveroom.com). It consists of the first streaming portal directed to the health district, bringing free content to physicians, practitioners and students of the field, aiming to further extend the company motto: improving lives in moments that matter.

“The partnership with Swiss goes on and beyond: our goal is to keep working progressively in an integrated manner to meet the needs of different teams of the institution – including physicians, technical staff, administration, sourcing and finance managers – so that our technologies keep adding value to local operations,” Carla says.

With more than 200,000 pieces of equipment operating across Latin America, GE Healthcare is also focused on extending its partnership to all future projects of Swiss. The intention is to help Argentina attract more investment in health care, especially in areas with less access. We acknowledge Swiss as a fundamental partner that devotes big efforts towards this mission.


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