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Founded in 1974, FiberHome Technologies has a history of nearly 50 years and has become a leading global provider of communication equipment and solutions.

Its business covers the major fields of optical fiber communication, data communication, mobile communication and intelligent application, and is the only high-tech communications corporation in the world that integrates optoelectronic devices, optical fibers and cables, optical communication systems and network equipment.

FiberHome, the globally renowned technology company from Wuhan, China, is the main part of the China Information and Communication Technologies Group Corporation, which is under the jurisdiction of the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Chinese central government. FiberHome’s business and branches expand across five continents and more than 100 countries all over the world.

It has six listed subsidiaries, 35,000+ employees, assets of US$14.5 billion and annual revenues of US$12 billion.

Surging Demand

As the birthplace of optical communication in China, FiberHome first started focusing on optical communication technologies research in the 1970s and produced China’s first optical fiber in 1976. Since then, for more than 40 years, FiberHome has continued to develop and innovate in the field of optical fibers and cables.

Its products and their specifications meet the various demands of outdoor, indoor, overhead and buried deployment and special scenarios of fire prevention, submarine, among others. Nowadays, FiberHome’s optical fiber and cable products are sold to major operators and enterprise customers around the world.

It has laid a total of more than one billion fiber-km of optical fiber and cable and its shipment scale ranks in the top two in the world, which has resulted in FiberHome becoming the cornerstone of the world’s communication network infrastructure.

FiberHome’s optical fiber and cable products are of stable quality, strictly abide by international and industry standards and have the characteristics of long transmission distance, low attenuation and high reliability and durability.

Optical communication systems and network equipment are another traditional preponderant field for FiberHome. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, global subscribers’ demands for broadband have surged and requirements for telecommunication infrastructure construction are getting higher. This is especially true for South–East Asia, where the construction of the digital economy has become an obvious driving force for gross domestic product growth in recent years.

FiberHome’s complete product range includes optical transmission products (DWDM); data communication products (Switch, Router); FTTx access products (OLT, ONT, MDU/MSAN, FTTR); home terminal products (Wireless AP) and video products (STB).

It has always maintained a leading position in the industry and works closely with major operators and customers around the world to jointly contribute to the construction of the digital economy.

In addition to a wealth of products, FiberHome is also extremely strong in education and scientific research. FiberHome Technologies Group (alias Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications) has independent postgraduate enrollment, degree-granting qualifications; postdoctoral research stations; a number of Chinese state key laboratories; two academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 10,000+ R&D staff and 36,000+ international patents.

At the same time, as a member of the International Telecommunication Union and the China Communication Standardization Association, FiberHome has actively participated in the formulation of many national and international industrial standards.

Connecting Indonesia

In Indonesia, FiberHome has cooperated with the mainstream fixed broadband and mobile operators, governments and enterprises such as Telkom, XL Axiata, Smartfren, MyRepublic, Moratel, ICON+ and BAKTI. Its products cover all major islands in Indonesia and continue to serve millions of household and enterprise subscribers with a high-quality and stable network.

FiberHome and MyRepublic have a long history of cooperation, which dates back to 2013 when they teamed up to jointly build the first FTTH project in Indonesia. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, MyRepublic has become the fastest growing broadband operator in Indonesia.

FiberHome, with high-quality products and a professional, local management and service team, has helped MyRepublic quickly complete the construction of millions of home passes and the two companies have  continued to grow together.

In 2023, FiberHome and MyRepublic jointly launched the first FTTR business in Indonesia to meet the demand for real-gigabit whole-house wi-fi coverage. Easyconn solutions will help to reduce the costs and improve efficiency for new network construction and 50GPON technology for the future, which aims to provide subscribers with a higher-quality network experience.

After nearly 50 years of development, FiberHome is focused on the main business of optical communication and has significantly expanded to the comprehensive field generated by the integration of information and communication technologies. It has become a core enterprise in China’s smart city, industry informatization, intelligent application and in other fields.

FiberHome will continue to make efforts in the fields of all-optical networks, smart home, network security, cloud computing, data centers and energy, among others. It is committed to providing better products and services for more operators and end users around the world.

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