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10 years ago, Equentia Natural Resources (ENR) began with a leap into the unknown, fuelled by the ambition of two entrepreneurs who wanted to build something great. Now, 10 years later, ENR has offices in India, Singapore, Dubai and Indonesia and a roster of clients from all around the globe. ENR’s true strength has always been, and will always be, our people. Because greatness can never be achieved alone.

Externally, ENR’s focus is not only on the trade itself, but also on the overall experience for our clients. While trading is our core, we are service providers at heart, working alongside our partners in fulfilling their resource and supply chain requirements in a manner that is seamless and hassle-free. The relationships we have built over the last 10 years, with everyone from coal miners, ship owners and end users, have given us access to over 11 million metric tonnes of coal of various grades every year. Our expertise comes from being on the ground and understanding the entire process to provide the best possible experience.

ENR is a diversified trading and resources company specialising in delivering contracted coal in desired quantities and qualities from our dedicated and long-standing seaborne coal miners in Indonesia.

We offer on time, on quality and on price thermal and coking coal in various Asian markets such as India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan. In the last 10 years we have developed several key strategic relationships with Indonesian miners and end users of coal in the Indian subcontinent, South-East Asia, and China through repeated proven performance.

ENR has the privilege of being a preferred vendor of quality coal to some of the leading power, cement and steel companies in Asia.

Proactive Quality Management

ENR has a team of experienced field operators monitoring the quality of the coal at every stage of the supply chain – from the mine mouth, the stockpile, crusher, barge loading point to the vessel loading stage at anchorage. They ensure timely surveying by independent quality agencies like SGS, Inspectorate and others to ensure consistent quality of the product and ensure zero contamination.

Risk Mitigation

ENR’s risk mitigation practice in ensuring timely, quality and right quantity of coal is based on prevention. We have a Quality Assurance team comprising of experts to ensure that quality is proactively monitored and any contamination is prevented at source. This team have experienced field operatives supported by Independent Quality Agencies like SGS, Anindya, CCIC, PT. Leon and Inspectorate, for example, to ensure consistent quality of the product. ENR’s control, supervision and management of their logistics supply chain process ensures prevention of any contamination of the contracted quality of coal.

Leveraging Logistics Capability

The coal producers ENR work with have their own logistics infrastructure with a fleet of trucks, their own stockpile and crushers, and their own jetty for ensuring controlled operations. They leverage their principal’s logistics capability and add to it the capabilities of their third-party logistics partners to ensure timely delivery.

Chettinad Logistics

Our business relationship with Chettinad Logistics is based on mutual trust on each other’s capabilities. We have nurtured our association by continually servicing Chettinad’s every need by providing out-of-the-box solutions, freight optimisation by co-loading cargoes, flexibility on payment terms and always delivering on our commitments. Our constant approach of engaging in ongoing communication is a key marketing ingredient and has paved our way to mutually successful business transactions.

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