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As a leading distributor in Egypt for some of the most renowned fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands in the world, the responsibility El Amir Group carries to make its partners’ products available at all times everywhere, whatever the situation is – whether it’s unrest, lockdowns, COVID-19, or even financial crisis – is far beyond making profits or growing a company.

The responsibility here entails making the consumers feel safe in times of uncertainty, finding the product they’ve always relied on at their nearest supermarket without even thinking how it got there, because the minute they have to think about it, fear sets in, hoarding begins, and the supply chain gets disrupted in a way that affects everyone on levels that are then hard to control.

El Amir Group, consisting of El Amir, El Wagd and Wesma, is a full-service distribution partner to P&G, Nestle, Danone, Kraft Heinz, and Kellogg’s, covering over 100,000 points of sale across Egypt with over 1,500 SKUs, and also a logistical partner to Noon, one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the region.

Agility for Tomorrow

Innovation in today’s world isn’t an extra measure, it is at the core of being able to overcome the new challenges we face every day, and being ready for the unknown means having resources always available, technology that is ahead of its time and, above all, a team that is as agile as it can be.

Through every collaboration with a top company, we get to learn and grow by working closely with business leaders through planning and setting our go-to-market strategies, The collaboration between Kraft Heinz Egypt and ElWagd is one where growth in tough times was evident and the results exceeded every expectation.

At El Amir Group, the utilization of new technologies, and the new possibilities they bring, is something to celebrate. Being able to do more and to do better is what it strives for daily.

Enjoying the Ride

Becoming an industry leader, covering all trade channels, including modern trade and food service, is a journey that started with one sales representative and one van, covering one district. It has now grown to a team of more than 3,000 pioneers, over 750 equipped trucks, covering the entire country with over 100,000 square metres of warehousing capacity across Egypt.

This has been a journey of day-to-day learning, analyzing and improving, and it is this mindset that is deeply embedded across all departments. It is what makes the company ready for tomorrow and whatever it brings, and is what drove it to expand its logistical services, start a co-packing center and become a mega distributor providing 2PL and 3PL logistical services to its partners.

A Lean Organisation

Optimization and efficiency are keys to success for any business, yet in El Amir Group’s line of business, they are keys to survival. Delivering greater value at a lower cost is what it constantly aims to achieve.

And this mindset has not only reflected on its numbers and growth, but has also reflected on its attitude as a company towards the environment, driving it to make significant energy savings through implementing dynamic delivery systems, go completely paperless and, overall, be considerate of the resources it consumes.

As a company that has been growing and expanding even in the hardest of times, it is motivated by offering more jobs and increasing its CSR activities, as after all, with great business comes great responsibility.

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