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Since 2008, Dusters Total Solutions Services (DTSS) has been leading integrated facilities management (IFM), setting unparalleled standards for excellence in India’s IFM sector. Our solutions are meticulously crafted and go beyond mere maintenance, security, and sustainability to transform your workplace from conventional to exceptional.

In an ever-evolving IFM landscape, DTSS remains at the forefront with its innovative and customer-centric solutions. The company’s mantra, ‘Transforming Services to Solutions’, reflects a commitment to emerging as the transformative leader in the industry.

DTSS owes a significant part of our evolution to IPCs like CBRE, whose immense trust in DTSS has led to mutual growth and development. These collaborations have firmly established DTSS as a reliable ally in the Indian market, evidenced by strong year-on-year performance, surpassing 1,200 crore [US$143 million] revenue in the 2023–2024 financial year.

Exponential Growth

Over the past 15 years, DTSS has undergone exponential growth, extending its footprint to encompass over 2,800 client sites across more that 20 states, in 50-plus cities and more than 200 districts. DTSS’ 26 strategic business units (SBUs) spread across the country are dedicated to addressing clients’ diverse needs, while the company’s leaders embody and espouse the principles of TAPIC (Team Spirit, Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity, and Customer focus) in building a values-based organization.

DTSS nurtures a culture of adaptability and collaboration while upholding an unwavering commitment to excellence.

This commitment has garnered the company numerous accolades, including recognition as a Great Place to Work, Best IFM Service Provider, Special Performance in IFM, and Best Housekeeping & Hospitality Services.

Innovative Solutions

DTSS’ deep expertise in harnessing innovative solutions distinguishes the company in its capacity to optimize costs, integrate technology, implement sustainable practices, and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Whether it’s soft services, maintenance and repair, energy management, space planning or asset lifecycle management, DTSS delivers tailored solutions across various industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, commercial and residential spaces, data centers, IT offices and educational institutions.

Through diverse partnership models and outcome-driven strategies, the company has enabled clients to achieve their ESG objectives, yielding substantial cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint through responsible procurement practices.

Empowering the Workforce

The strength of DTSS lies in its workforce of more than 47,000, and an unwavering commitment to empower them through digitalization.

DTSS’ digital solutions, exemplified by Mitra, facilitate on-site staff in accessing salary slips, applying for loans and addressing various grievances, while onboarding validates multiple checkpoints of the new employees. Additionally, the various machines and equipment deployed at sites are continuously monitored, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Platforms like M-Trainer house a repository of training videos spanning requisite skills across industries, with each staff member undergoing an average of three-to-five hours of monthly training, achieving 90 percent coverage.

Prioritizing Inclusivity and Diversity

Complementing its digital initiatives, the DTSS workforce comprises more than 14,000 female employees (32%) and 30,000-plus male employees (68%), reflecting the vibrant mosaic of society. Special programs like Shakti and Mashaal empower female staff, while initiatives like Sahaas have trained and deployed more than 150 differently abled staff, underscoring the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

As a people-centric organization, DTSS holds the voices of its customers and employees in the utmost esteem, recognizing that their feedback serves as a cornerstone in shaping the company’s service offerings. Through initiatives like the ‘Own Your Customer’ program, DTSS solicits extensive feedback via the CSAT app, enabling it to implement corrective measures and achieve an impressive 95 percent client retention rate.

Embedded within DTSS’ operational code is the guiding principle of the Group Chairman, RK Sinha: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”

This thinking is the framework on which DTSS’ various welfare initiatives have been designed, such as SARVAM and SEWA, providing staff with access to monetary benefits during times of crisis. This commitment to creating careers also reflects in the company’s development programs like ARISE, UDAAN, EMERGE and LEAP, which nurture talent at all levels, cultivating a pool of future leaders.

Focused on People

In essence, while growth remains paramount, we remain steadfast in upholding our values of trust, people focus, and service spirit.

At DTSS, we don’t just provide services; we embark on a journey as partners to unlock the full potential of your business! We do not merely provide livelihoods; we shape lives.

Experience the transformative potential of IFM solutions with DTSS, where every detail is expertly managed, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your core business!

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