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As customer demand continues to surge for faster, touch-free ways to transact, transit agencies are extending their reach and modernizing their payment systems by including Discover® Global Network. Through the tap and go technology of Discover® Transit, agencies are giving their riders the flexibility to pay their fare their way through a quicker, more secure and convenient open-loop payments solution. Join the growing number of transit agencies that are accessing the global reach and purchasing power of over 270 million loyal cardholders on the Discover Global Network with Discover Transit.

Tap and Go with Discover® Global Network and Cubic Transportation Systems

Discover® Global Network is actively partnering with Cubic Transportation Systems on several transit initiatives to enable open-loop payments worldwide, most recently completing projects in New York and Chicago.

Significantly Improve Customer Experience with Flexible Payment Solutions

Your riders want options. Discover® Transit supports a variety of payment methods and devices to support customer choice, including:

Entry Points: Riders can tap and pay with their contactless card, mobile device or wearable

Mobile Commerce: Riders can purchase their transit pass via the transit agency’s mobile app

Retail: Riders can buy their transit pass at a ticket window or vending machine

Card Not Present: Riders can buy their transit pass online

In-Transit Payments: Riders can buy their transit pass on board (or on their way to their destination)

Give Your Business a Sustainable Competitive Edge

Designed to meet your needs today and in the future, Discover Transit offers several potential advantages to transit agencies—including:

Dynamic, Flexible Deployment

Transit agencies can enable the solution in whatever way works best for them based on their fare-payment model and processing preference.

Rider-Centric Approach

Cardholders gain the convenience of simply tapping and riding whenever they want using a chip card, contactless device or mobile app.

Easy Implementation

With straightforward certification through an agency’s acquirer, Discover Transit reduces the operational burden and technology investment.

Revenue Growth

Open yourself up to millions of domestic and global cardholders.

Future-Ready Foundation

Designed with partners’ and customers’ business in mind, the solution delivers on riders’ expectations today, while providing an open path to future technologies.

Why Mobility Matters

of trips on public transit have a direct impact on the local economy2

$5 generated in economic returns for every $1 invested in public transit2

Reach New Riders with Discover® Global Network

By including Discover Global Network in your fare-payment program, you gain access to the fastest-growing global payments network1 consisting of more than 270 million cardholders from Discover®, Diners Club International® and 20+ network alliances across more than 200 countries and territories. Open the door to a multitude of potential global riders on your system with Discover® Transit.

To learn more about Discover® Transit:
Contact your Discover Global Network Representative
Visit discoverglobalnetwork.com/payments-technology/transit-solutions
Email [email protected]

1 Based on signed network alliance agreements over the past 10 years with major payment networks within respective countries, Panoramic Research study, conducted 2020.
2 Source: 2020 Public Transportation Fact Book. American Public Transpiration Association. April 2020.
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