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Use the things that you already know to address the unknowns that the future will bring.

Revolutionary ideas can come from anywhere. And often, the inspiration for those ideas is right in front of us – just waiting for us to recognise it and unleash its full potential.

The inspiration can be anything, from a new technology to a specific stakeholder’s need to market disruption or a global event like Expo 2020 in Dubai. The challenge? Seeing the opportunity and the ‘why’ behind the big idea – without getting discouraged by the ‘how’ of making the idea real.

At Deloitte, we’re all about revolutionary ideas – and helping organisations across industries turn their big ideas into realities. Increasingly, that work hinges on intelligent digital technologies and cloud. As a leading global SAP partner, we get to see those solutions in action at client organisations each day. And we have seen a sense of excitement building among businesses across the planet – because the ‘how’ part is becoming easier.

That’s a big deal in a world where the pace of market evolution is accelerating and where companies no longer have a year or more to plan out all the details of transformation.


Offerings such as RISE for SAP are bringing organisations cloud-enabled business transformation as a service, providing simplified engagement and an ‘on your own terms and timeline’ approach to transformation. As a result, businesses can focus more on their big ideas and worry less about the ‘how’ of transformation.

And with boost by Deloitte, organisations can now accelerate their RISE with SAP – with boost providing a single SAP subscription and set of Deloitte services covering business case development, technology implementation, operations and more. Put it all together and it’s a powerful formula that lets you embrace innovation more readily and flexibly while still leveraging many of the things you already have.

With a customised and accelerated RISE with SAP journey, you can hold on to many of the systems and processes that are key to your organisation. You can also hold on to your big ideas, knowing that you can worry less about the ‘how’ of transformation and focus more on the ‘why’ of your business – and do so continuously.


Sustaining innovation – while harnessing change and turning new ideas into value – will be essential for businesses that want to survive and thrive in a constantly disrupted environment. It’s also a perennial challenge. How can you continuously evolve, innovate and grow? How can you continuously turn ideas into reality – while helping your business address some of our world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change and the need to create more diverse and inclusive institutions?

For several years, Deloitte has been advocating the idea of the built-to-evolve enterprise – the Kinetic Enterprise™. It’s an enterprise that is capable of responding at the speed of disruption by leveraging a clean core such as SAP S/4HANA, responsive cloud solutions, intelligent technologies such as those from SAP Business Technology Platform, and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities.

The Kinetic Enterprise doesn’t just stand ready for change. It anticipates disruption and acts on it, harnessing change for a competitive advantage, time and time again. As the pace of change accelerates, Kinetic Enterprise capabilities become imperative for addressing today’s challenges and tomorrow’s unknowns.


At Expo 2020, where Deloitte is teaming with SAP and Google Cloud to showcase the potential of the Kinetic Enterprise, we are seeing firsthand just how amazing and uncertain the future will be. In Dubai, at this crossroads of ideas and cultures, we are overwhelmed by the variety of innovations and possibilities that are on display – as we gather alongside thousands of others in an actual physical space and ponder what our post-pandemic world will look like.

From this perspective, one thing becomes clear: to lead in the future, a business will have to become built to evolve – as the Kinetic Enterprise. And there’s a growing urgency to enable that type of enterprise sooner, because the unknowns keep coming faster – including layers of regulatory changes and sustainability agendas, nascent business models, technological breakthroughs that upend entire industries, unprecedented M&A activities, and unpredictable customer expectations.

Overwhelmed? You don’t have to be. You can use what you already have at your disposal – your existing IT and business resources, the simplicity of RISE with SAP, and the speed of boost by Deloitte – to become a Kinetic Enterprise sooner.

The ultimate benefit? You can worry less about ‘how’, stay focused on ‘why’, turn big ideas into reality faster, and take charge of the future sooner.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise – and find out how you can increase the impact of business transformation with boost for RISE with SAP.

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