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In a landscape where time-tested excellence meets a commitment to a sustainable future, DDC Land, a stalwart in the real estate industry for nearly three decades, has not only stood the test of time but has embraced a transformative journey towards ecological responsibility.

Over the years, it has promoted the use of eco-friendly materials, steering an era of conscientious construction and a profound dedication to environmental advocacy.

At DDC Land, the legacy goes beyond bricks and mortar. It intertwines with a narrative of adaptability, progress and a dedication to shaping a greener tomorrow. The decision to integrate eco-friendly materials into its construction practices is not merely a shift but a profound commitment to minimizing environmental impact to contribute to a more harmonious coexistence with the planet.

Eco-Friendly Construction Practices

DDC Land has embarked on its sustainable trajectory by incorporating eco-friendly elements, exemplified prominently in its recent project in Cavite – The Garden Villas Tanza.

Setting a pioneering standard, their 10 residential four-story condominium buildings, comprising of 80 units each, are constructed using specially engineered hollow blocks made from a staggering 14 million recycled sachets and plastic bottles. These innovative blocks display impressive durability, measuring at 716 pounds per square inch, which surpasses the strength of regular blocks tested at 400 pounds per square inch.

Diversifying its eco-friendly practices, they utilize another type of hollow block that employs wire mesh filled with a concrete mixture, incorporating cardboard from repurposed toilet paper rolls. Given its hollow interior and minimal internal contact, the hollow block provides sound and heat insulation, allowing for significant energy savings.

Beyond construction, this initiative also serves as a source of livelihood for residents of the area. Certified and tested by the Department of Public Works and Highways, these blocks manifest an exceptional strength rating of 2,350 pounds per square inch, exhibiting a stronger and more durable concrete material.

In tandem with their commitment to green living, DDC Land’s projects showcase a forward-thinking approach with the integration of permanent solar panels. This addition not only provides a cost-effective energy source but also significantly reduces dependence on conventional electricity – an influential contribution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and a pivotal factor in mitigating global warming and climate change.

Environmental Improvement

In addition to its innovative construction practices, DDC Land has adopted the BIG PH (Bamboo Initiative for Growth Philippines) movement as its primary CSR, which aims to address the evolving environmental challenges by growing giant bamboo in areas that need ecological change.

Recognizing the tremendous benefits of giant bamboo, and situated in a country that has an emergent need for environmental change, DDC Land stands with BIG PH as a solution, not only to preserve the environment but to also cultivate sustainable livelihoods that will support the disadvantaged and rural communities.

Throughout this venture to create positive environmental and community change, the project has distributed and planted around 300,000 bamboo propagules in various communities across the country.

This is a testament to DDC Land’s commitment to not only constructing sustainable structures but also actively participating in initiatives that foster a healthier, more resilient environment.

Eco-Friendly Venture

The brains behind this commitment to a greener community are none other than the company’s owners, Martin Sutter, Chairman, and Edna Sutter, President and CEO. The couple were encouraged to push through this advocacy due to the disastrous environmental issues that have occurred globally, which have heightened their awareness of the planet’s tendency to vary.

By strengthening their involvement in an organization that promotes and advocates humanitarian services, the Rotary Foundation, they chose to use their influence, capability and eagerness to fight adverse environmental changes through the organization’s initiatives.

Having the title of Past District Governor of District 3830 and The Rotary Foundation’s Major Gifts Initiative Adviser for Environment, Edna Sutter, alongside her husband, Martin Sutter, envisions a resolution to fight against environmental catastrophe.

Indeed, DDC Land may not be new to the industry, and may be embarking on a challenging journey, but it continues to progress and embrace change as a catalyst for a more sustainable and ecologically responsible future.

As the company delves into the heart of this green revolution, with an unwavering passion, it continues to uncover innovative approaches, make eco-conscious choices, which defines their journey toward sustainable real estate development in the Philippines.

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